This Be About Shortcuts

I saw someone do this on their blog and I figured it’s a good idea. I use acronyms and whatnot in my blog, to make things shorter and preserve a touch of anonymity. Though anyone who knows me well can easily figure out who the people mentioned are by paying attention, I imagine a list of the acronyms would be helpful.

The Main Peeps

The Jackals- Wepwawet and Anpu, who I talk about a lot and follow around with affection and curiosity to figure out whether They want me or not.

Zolfyer, TB-also known as Boyfriend, this is self-explanatory. He will probably be the most frequently mentioned. This is his blog. He only just started, so it’s a little bare, but give him some wassups k?

BGF- Best Gay Friend. I know several gay people, and I have several Best Friends, so it is important to note that this young man is both gay and one of my Best Friends. It is merely a matter of distinction, I don’t give a flying fuck that he’s gay. It would be rather stupid to care beyond whether he’s happy about it, which he is.

TS, Sister-My twin sister, to be specific. I have three other sisters, all younger than me, but they likely won’t get mentioned very often. She reads my blog, which is nice, since for the most part none of my other friends or family do.

TN, Nephew- Sister’s son, he be nearly six months, as of this page’s creation. He is quite adorable, and is quite a big baby. He is spoiled, he is intelligent, and he is vastly unaware that no one wants to hold his heavy, cute butt for more than five minutes, because his cuteness chunk-ifies him and weighs him down. When he understands this concept, we’ll all be doomed, because he’ll realize that cuteness is a weapon of mass destruction.

GM- my grandmother on my father’s side, she is who I live with and she is awesome. She currently holds a bit of a “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” policy about my religious choices. As such I sort of tiptoe around her with my practices. It’s all good though, she wouldn’t throw me out.

SD- my stepdad. I’m not his biggest fan, but I don’t hate him.

Pop-Pop- my grandfather on my mother’s side. He be a little old and a lotta awesome. He will probably never know that I’m pagan if I can help it.

Significant Mentions

Baby Shadow- Gm’s puppy (who is currently being called TN’s puppy, since they will clearly be partners in crime as they get older). He’s named after another dog who has been haunting the house for thirteen years. It should be noted that Baby Shadow was born on Valentine’s Day, is very nosy, one year old, a brat, and is sixty pounds. Occasionally we call him Little Shadow, but he’s not really little XD. His full name is Shadow Ninja.

Big Shadow- one of the ghosts in Gm’s house, the original Shadow, a big ole softie for babies. He was a German Sheperd who, in his 21 year lifetime, ate a lightbulb and drank turpentine as revenge for being locked in the basement when company was over, tripped people in the hallway because he slept in front of Sister and me’s door, ate cheese, snuck a beer, and had cookie dough. He typically walks around very late at night because I’m still awake and he enjoys teasing Baby Shadow.

Elysia- a chunky, highly spoiled, gray tabby that lives with my mother. She’s six years old as of this page’s creation, is very aware that Pop-Pop hates her, doesn’t particularly care for children after my baby cousin lived there for a year, and often gets her own spot on the couch. She takes over just sat in seats frequently, then meows like you’re being a meanie face when you get mad she took your seat. She also pretends to be a poor hungry waif if there’s no wet food in her bowl, regardless of whether there’s also dry food.

Gramma- Another house ghost, GM’s mother. She likes watching tv and talking to people when they least expect it. She’s Big Shadow’s original owner and was the reason he ate a lot of people food. She smoked and wore an oxygen mask late in life and still gets mail.

Pop, Grampa- Gm’s father, also a house ghost. He likes to play jokes and mess with appliances. He is likely the reason things go mysteriously missing and reappear in the place you just looked when someone else decides to try searching. He’s probably responsible for the sudden and unexplained break of the stove, that went away equally suddenly and unexplained when Gm yelled at him and Big Steve to quit fucking around with it.

Big Steve- My father’s father, so named because my dad is a junior. He’s also a house ghost and a prankster and likes to talk when people least expect and stand around to freak unsuspecting people out. He typically stands in doorways to check on people at night, and also to scare them for fun. We think he collaborates with Pop for mysterious disappearing items and appliance fiascoes. We’re pretty sure he was the one messing with Sister one day when a drawer in the upstairs hallway kept opening randomly.

Those are basically the main people who I frequently mention. Other’s will be added later I guess lol

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