Weird Dream

This strange dream is really driving me crazy. There were two goddesses presence in it and I even heard Their names but I didn’t see Their faces or bodies, but now I can’t remember Their names! I want to know who They are because I feel like They’re responding to my prayers from last night and I’d appreciate making some offerings. And also because there is apparently some sort of “celebration” or something of that caliber that I’m going to be able to do today or something.

Ok, it started off in my bedroom, early in the morning (which for me is anything before nine am, I’m not a morning bird, I’m an owl dammit) and I first heard these goddesses names here at the start. I remember getting up after having a sort of “conversation” in the sense that the information was just there that I could worship and celebrate today. I didn’t what it was for, but hell if I didn’t say thank you! I got out of bed and went downstairs and straight to the basement, I have no clear idea why because there’s not much down there to do. I think I may have retrieved laundry or something. I don’t like laundry, so I’m not sure what that’s about.

I don’t think Gm was in the basement the first time I went down there, but I repeatedly went up and down those stairs from the kitchen to the basement. I don’t remember what I was retrieving from the basement and bringing upstairs and I don’t remember why except it had to do with renovation and probably cleaning. Currently the only thing being renovated IRL in my parents’ house is the bathroom, not the basement and the basement is full of crap. Did I mention that the house was full of sunlight? But mainly this dream was limited to my bedroom, the kitchen and the basement. The kitchen and my room are naturally bright because there’s no heavy drapes in those rooms, but I remember the living room was on the one or two glimpses of it and without the heavy drapes on those windows and the neighbor house blocking it.

Anyway, each time I went into the basement it was getting brighter down there, which is weird because there’s only two tiny windows and (normally shut) storm doors. The basement overall just doesn’t get very bright and the sole light down there isn’t very illuminating. However, it was a lot cleaner down there and the ceiling was nice and the walls smoothed out and painted. The washer and dryer were pulled away from the wall and there was a new set down there too, but everything was disconnected. Here’s where Gm showed up, she was talking to SD through said small window in the basement and asking about the renovations. He said something about it, but it wasn’t important. Her response was that this would be really nice for them and it would come out great.

She said something else and he responded and then she pointed to her chest and looked at me saying something about kidneys and asked if her kidneys were there where she was pointing. Now, my grandmother knows where her kidneys are in real life and I was just like, no gm your kidneys are on your back, that’s your sternum. It sort of dissolved there and reformed as my bedroom again and I was in bed. Kidneys sort of diffused the entire dream in a weird, hard to explain way and I’m not sure why. I’m certain it had to do with my prayers last night for healing of said system. Anyway, it was at this point in the dream that I received the names again and I was talking to Them in my mind, giving Them praises again and saying Their epithets (which I can’t remember either) except that I remember thanking “you two Ladies” or “Two Ladies” or something. It could be Bast and Sekhmet or Hathor or something. I’m not sure, but I feel like those are my best bets to who was there sort of communicating with me. I remember being happy that I would be able to worship and celebrate whatever was going on.

I also remember getting up and rushing to get outside to the camper and pee XD Remember I said earlier that in real life it was the bathroom getting renovated and not the basement? Well we also have a pop-up camper-RV thingie jawn with a shower and toilet in it. But alas using the restroom means going all the way downstairs, past the living room and dining room and out the backdoor in the kitchen to the backyard. Then I still have to get in the camper and to the potty. I remember going outside and feeling like the sun was looking at me curiously or expectantly or both and I remember the first thought was not “open up camper door!” but “sorry Ra, I really have to pee, otherwise I would look at you and say good morning.” And I have this distinct feeling that whoever the goddesses in my dream were are Eyes of Ra. That and most of my dreams are set at night or afternoon or somewhere that time and daylight is irrelevant and not seen, rather than morning where sunlight and morning seems to play an important role. Perhaps I’m just over thinking it?