Wicked Dream

So, I took a nap of about an hour and a half. Disclaimer: All I had before the nap was several bites of brownie (normal brownie, in case anyone wants to be a jackass) and water. That’s it. I make that disclaimer because anyone who knows me knows that odd foods before sleep cause wacky dreams.

I’m in this house with TB and another friend when BGF comes over because he wants me to channel someone. Like, I’m not a medium IRL, but apparently I was training for that sort of thing in dream. The person I was channeling was a relative (he said “grandmother”) and she was trying to tell somebody what she wanted done with her money (apparently in the range of $50,000). So, TB and the other friend were sitting on their computers, like, “don’t mind us, we totally don’t mind that you two are about to contact a dead woman.” I’ve never seen such apathy XD it wasn’t bad apathy, but just they’re used to it.

Anyway, BGF and I sit down to do the channeling and he calls his “grandmother” and my body feels on fire. He asked one question to try and get a feel for if I actually connected and because I was nervous and didn’t know if I did make the connection I answered no. He was satisfied with that and went to get up with the idea that we could try again later. At that moment there was a forceful moving of energy from my body to his. It was intense, but short and we’re both like “What. The. FUCK. O.o” and he sits down, feeling breathless and realizes that he’s channeling her. We’re both like O.O and I’m still buzzing from the first thing. Dizzy, giddy, feeling loose-limbed, kinda how I feel when I’m hypomanic (or drunk). Basically, like a crazy person.

The woman speaks through BGF and his voice is hers, with sort of a New Orleans-like/ Caribbean accent. She asks if the money she has is hers. TB is like “Yes, it’s yours, you can do whatever you want with it.” She responds “Then why is no one using it? It’s their for you to use so take advantage of it!” And she leaves. BGF is thoroughly exhilarated and is like holyshitwtfbbq. I’m like that too, and my cat and dog (who live in separate houses) come down the stairs to say hi and I’m talking to my other friend. I have no idea what about anymore, something to do with living there and what just happened. I don’t know what happened, but the animals being down there made me feel sick, like they were getting rid of the leftover energy in the room from the ghost and it was causing me to be nauseated. I actually woke up because the feeling of needing to vomit in the dream was so powerful that I needed to get up and take a drink of water.

This dream was totally insane and extremely vivid and intense. And the feeling of excitement and euphoria and whatnot remained as well. At least for a while. I’m still a tad jittery and pretty awake and I have NO idea what that dream could be about. Any ideas anyone?