Unconventional Magic

So, recently I’ve been ruminating on magic. Aset made it clear that She is feeling ignored and I know that although both my gods are very magical, she is particularly and exquisitely good at it. So, I took an “other people are doing it” approach and figured I could honor Her by getting into magic. I already dedicate “wifely” duties like cleaning house and cooking and baking (I happen to like being traditionally “wife-like” since I was raised in a traditional gender role family, so don’t get hung up on that, it brings me pleasure to care for others in such a way) but I can understand why She isn’t feeling enough attention. Anpu gets more direct praise and contact since He’s my main deity, and He’s trying to get some plans moving for me. Maybe She’s jealous, I dunno, but I think She deserves something more direct.

Anyway, I had been thinking about magic because of some things going in my life. I’ve done magic successfully a couple times, though one particular spell was successful in a way I wasn’t expecting. It did exactly what I wanted it to, I just didn’t realize it would accomplish it in the fashion it did. A couple days ago while I was napping I called up Dapper and asked his opinion. He suggested doing what others had suggested (giving Aset specific offerings just for Her, spending more prayer and shrine time with just Her) and he also suggested doing magic with Her. My first response was I didn’t have what I wanted and he very promptly told me I was making my own life difficult. It doesn’t need to be that deep, or complicated, he told me. It’s supposed to be simple. Well, I don’t always like people poking me and telling me the truth that I’m just being a difficult brat (I am a really spoiled whelp actually) so I rather sarcastically asked him to show me what he meant.

I remember something about hands. Like I see my hands and his hands and energy, and he showed me how to hold and manipulate it. He further described what the energy was and how to use it. I also remember him laughing, probably because I was complaining about how he was supposed to be teaching me, not letting me sleep.

Anyway, after I woke up I had in mind knot magic. I don’t know why knot magic, that’s just what I was thinking about when I woke up. I also was thinking of crocheting due to a joke on one of my friend’s Facebook pages (the irony of listening to music generally not considered relaxing while doing something relaxing). It occurred to me that knitting and crochet use the same materials, well gee, why not crochet magic? I honestly don’t know how it would work, it would be similar to and related to knot magic, but such crafty magic as knitting and crochet and needlepoint would definitely be different. After all, you don’t undo your projects after like you would undo knots. Of the resources I’ve seen on knot magic, they categorize it as magic to store or extend spells and spellcasting. While knitting and crochet would likely be excellent for storing magic and perhaps for warding, it wouldn’t be good for releasing spells because that would require unraveling the work. And like hell is any crafter going to want to do that! However, perhaps for a slow release spell, continuous spells, protection spells, healing spells, warding, attraction and repelling spells, it could very well work.

Knitting and crochet is versatile and stable, sturdy and flexible, you could wrap a lot of magic into it in theory and it would last a long time. You could use it to store magic to draw from on days you’re tired, or recharge spells from it. As an added bonus, you could give them away. If you’re making a protection spell for a baby or a healing spell for someone who is ill, you could bind it into a baby blanket or scarf and it’ll last a long time and provide continuous help to them. When that toddler feels scared, they’re comforted as much by the familiarity of their blanket as the symbolic and magical protection it provides. As the sick person stays warm with your scarf the magic helps too, and it will help keep away future illness. In addition if someone is learning magic, well you could give them something full of magic so they can learn what it feels like and could draw on it as they learn to manipulate energy and raise their own. A magical doily or altar cloth could be a fabulous gift, with magic to encourage the success of their spiritual and magical endeavors, or protect them and their sacred space. It could be made with a look-away spell or something if that person is in the broom closet and needs their space not to look really suspicious or simply avoid being examined or messed with. A really adventurous person could even work sigils into their crochet and knitting. Such sigil crafting would be really easy with needlepoint.

Since most people want warding and protection spells to be at least semipermanent, you could design projects with that purpose. Although sewing and needlepoint would likely be easiest for this task, one could crochet rugs for warding entryways, doilies for windows and tables, blankets as mentioned, scarves and hats, and anything that could be worn or used as a decoration. Harmony spells could go in your tablecloth, purification spells in washcloths, dream and relaxation spells in pillows and stuffed toys (and yes everything I have thus far mentioned you can make with knitting and crochet). If you want it to be strong, stable and long lasting you could theoretically put it into a crafting project.

A friend mentioned to me that he never saw anyone being “edgy” with magic, in the sense that there don’t seem to be a lot of artists taking artistic license and being creative and inventive with magic, trying to make new magical systems and new uses. Well, I certainly hope we can take knot and crafting magic to a new level and start inventing!