Calm and Collected, but Still a Little Lost

It’s a Feeling the Music Post! I have a playlist of music dedicated to Anpu that I listen to frequently. It’s a collection of music that make me think of Him, though Set has claimed some songs from it. It’s cool, lucky for Him Anpu likes sharing, usually XD I’m not thinking of anything particularly now, and I’m feeling pretty calm and chill, especially since I’ve got the house to myself for the time being. A particular song was playing and it’s just like, for some reason, even though the song is a little sad, it fits. It’s not that I feel sad, it’s that the lyrics are a little…strange. They are not quite lamenting and not quite self-encouraging. Listen to the song and see.

I’ve never found the song to be negative. What does it evoke in you?

It’s a Feeling the Music post

I’m gonna add a new category of posts. When I can’t or don’t feel like writing what’s really bothering me because I would rather talk about it or don’t have the words for it or too angry/upset or whatever I’m gonna grab music and post them. Lyrics and videos (or videos with lyrics) and maybe some keywords or something. Here’s my first post of my new category: Feeling the Music

Keywords: rage, parents, frustration, venting, feeling disrespect