So Much Change

I had a baby everybody! She’s adorable and is 8 months old, currently trying to stand without help and ignoring solid foods. She really just isn’t interested, and I only care because it makes it harder to let anyone babysit since she’s breastfed and stopped taking bottles. Also, the potential for anemia, but I think she’s ok right now. She’s getting two more teeth, for a total of six, four up top and two on the bottom. She’s also super chubby and I love it, and she looks like a pudgy version of her father. It’s great.

On the religion front, things are all over the place. Not really, but it isn’t the same situation as last year. Anpu and the other netjer have been fairly distant and unreachable. A friend suggested that there might be something going on in the Duat keeping their attention away. I’m inclined to agree. In the meantime, that’s left me in a bit of a pickle faith-wise. Kali, who has been poking around and saying hi regularly for a couple of years, popped back up. I have resumed my research into Hinduism as a result.

This is fine for the most part. I don’t have a lot of space and have to be careful with things like incense and food, so I’m doing more research than what most people might initially do, trying to find acceptable alternatives and get my life together. I know, get my life together, at 25, how naive right? But I’m gonna try! So here’s to trying yes?