Things Suck

I feel like writing right now. Things are going, interestingly in my life. Kali has staked a claim, Anpu maintains his, and whether or not Kebechet and Aset stick around is still up for grabs. School is set to start in September and I’m registered for classes, and I still haven’t decided what nursing school I want to go to. The reason that’s important is because some school have a spring semester deadline and i need to make sure to apply. In other news my bathroom and kitchen ceilings got rained down. Today and yesterday (as well as last week) there were torrential downpours and it finally fucked the roof last night. I am not looking forward to cleaning my bathroom of the foul water that sluiced through the ceiling vent. And yes it was necessary for me to say sluiced.

I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m stressed. I can’t even sleep in my bed because the bathroom is disgusting, so I’m at my grandfather’s. On top of that, Z is struggling. His job is really sucking the life out of him. I’ve been praying, he’s been praying, others have been praying for us, and he’s been searching hard for a new job. Yet no dice. It’s incredibly frustrating. He’s becoming depressed, though he would likely deny it, but I know the signs. What do we have to do to get a little luck around here? I can’t even make offerings and pray at my shrine. This sucks.



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