More and Stranger Still

I’ve never had recurring dream themes before, but zombie apocalypse seems to have become one. After arguing with my brain about sleep I finally passed out and dreamt, again, of zombies. But, as per usual, I can’t have a straightforward, simple dream about anything, much less this. First oddity, it was clearly winter in this dream, second oddity, cats everywhere, third oddity, an illusionist with an asylum. I’ll get to that.

The dream began with familiar faces in a subway. Obviously the trains weren’t working, but it was snowing or raining and we were trying to avoid as many zombies as we could. Eventually though we ran into a horde and were forced above ground. We ended up getting split up trying to escape the massive aboveground horde. I couldn’t tell you why there were so many of those bastards there. I ended up with one friend and two or three random ass people who were probably responsible for getting that many zombies in one place. This particular city was amazingly full of live people for being so horribly infested with the undead.

We escaped into a large building reminiscent of a catholic school connected to a large church. It was fairly large and complex inside. Myself, my friend, and one of the randoms ended up down one hallway and found some stairs and a set of double doors that led to a cafeteria. The doors made us uneasy despite seeing schoolchildren inside, but our real attention was drawn to the stairs because we could hear singing. We carefully went up the stairs to find a man observing the kids and singing with a record player. He welcomed us and told us about this place and that those kids weren’t real. When we looked through his observing window we saw nuns caring for women who were clearly psychotic. Some were catatonic, others were wandering, but all of them were essentially unaware of themselves and their surroundings. I don’t know why he told us all this.

The place was his and he cared for the women. He enjoyed trapping people and tricking them with his illusions. Although the children were a fantasy he “cared” for them too. Like they were ghosts after a fashion. It was weird. He sent us on our way, but going down the steps proved to be a bit of a trap. We went through the double doors, seeing the children first and then the real scene of the women. The thing about this illusion is that you’re almost transported into it, so you don’t see and can’t hit the women and they can’t do either to you. It’s hard to describe, but I think I’ve made my point.

We went through the cafeteria and found more steps. They went both down and up, because screw physics. Going down the hallway at the top brought us to a bedroom. A woman was inside, and although she was unhappy she let us in. In her room was a door that led downstairs to a living room, where we found a zombie and an enemy. This part of the dream is fuzzy. I don’t remember much about the enemy or the fight, but we ended up saved by three cats and locked him, half dead, with the zombie whose legs we ended up cutting off. We managed to make it out of there and meet back up with the team.

They had somehow gotten hold of an oil truck and knocked it over. We actually blew the zombies up. Unfortunately a few humans we didn’t see got caught up in it, but it was effective. Weirdly enough the military came out of nowhere with tanks and lines of infantry. They covered us in a very skilled tactical maneuver and we escaped. We ended up seeing them on the next block as we skirted a small number of zombies feasting on corpses and I watched them slaughter the zombies quietly. It was rather cartoonish as they managed to sneak up quietly with fucking tanks. Then they got their attention and all the zombies popped up at once, like a group of dogs, and turned to them and got shot. In a confusing twist the tanks and rear guard started shooting the front line, instructing them to set their timers to 7. The reason is that every soldier, including the higher ups in the tank, were fitted with explosives in their uniforms and everyone got shot if they were withing three feet of a zombie or dead body. It was gruesome.

We and the remaining soldiers moved on to the next block, coincidentally the one with the school-church. Weirdly the block was now totally quiet, body and zombie free and instead full of people. Like, real yet unsettlingly unreal people. It was creepy seeing all those silent people walking to the church. There were even kids. Some sort of ceremony was going to start soon and the schedule for the people, that is the rules of being in the community (i.e. if you don’t work you don’t eat) was about to change to the next shift. I ended up back in the hallway with the cafeteria and saw both the fake kids and the real women, and realized that, like the kids, the entire community was a half-real illusion. I could hear the creeper upstairs singing.

My group wasn’t fooled, and in fact found it quite upsetting having this half illusion in their heads. Unfortunately the soldiers weren’t so lucky and only saw the kids and people. They went into the cafeteria happily, glad at their good fortune to be able to relax. I’m fairly certain they were all slaughtered by the illusionist. My group escaped into the bedroom, and there was a little girl there who had fled from outside. Although technically part of the illusion she had enough substance and will to escape with us. Of course, we found ourselves caught between the zombie and enemy downstairs and the massacre of the cafeteria.

I searched the room for weapons since i was either out of bullets or about to be. I found some long scissors and knitting needles (have you seen some of the bigger ones? You could stake a vampire with those bad boys). I took the scissors apart and gave the now separated blades to the little girl. We opened the door slowly and I could see the zombie hiding at the bottom. It was rather clever, but I could see that bastard’s hair. The cats were there, a reassurance, but we still couldn’t go down blindly. The zombie eventually got enough gusto to attack but I managed to slay him with a strike to the eye.

The woman from before appeared, but of course that’s when I woke up.


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