Apparently the New Thing is Saving Kids from Zombies

I don’t usually have recurring dreams. Apparently my brain seeks to change that. Despite not watching any horror movies (cry) or playing any horror games (tears) I keep having dreams about zombies. Not just zombies, but trying to live around zombies and rescuing kids from zombies. I don’t know what it is.

This dream that I had last night started out with me in a school. It was a weird and kinda cool school, but the weird part is that I wasn’t really me. I was this girl who was white and blonde, and I was half her and half me. Like, I was part of her, and we had some separation, but it was weird. I was observing her just as much as I was her. Anyone, she’s in this school and people make fun of her because she’s a spiritworker. The main thing she does is help stuck ghosts move on, a real Sixth Sense sort of deal. I remember having to hold her back from cursing and beating down these three girls who were being rather vicious to her. At one point they were purposely messing up her bookshelf because she was OCD about it (I can’t blame her there). I remember telling her to stand back and taking over her body so she could take her anger out as a half detached spirit. She scared the shit out of them but couldn’t really hurt them.
It started to get dark as she left and we met with this guy. I don’t know who it was, but she knew him. They were walking around the city together and passed this dilapidated building and started exploring it. That’s when we saw the first zombies. Lots of running and clever hiding to kill or trap them. Including tricking one into a pit and putting some metal sheeting over it. The guy rejoined up with her because they got separated in the building and was like, exit, now. During this whole escapade we saw that zombies were showing up outside too. There was a family in the building next to us, an apartment with a store, both owned by the family. There were four children, two or three teens and three or four adults. They sent the kids upstairs and were talking about what was going on. I don’t know what happened to them because a zombie came and chased us away from the window. When we left we checked to make sure the various zombies were dead, though she made a big mistake. When she checked the one in the pit, because she didn’t see it, she left the sheeting off. I mentally called her stupid and was like, just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there and you can leave it uncovered.
Next we ran out into the street. The guy was trying to get the door to the house open. It was gated. We came over and managed to get it unlocked and ran upstairs. Now, I don’t really know what we had for weapons, maybe a pipe and a bat from the abandoned building. Anyway, we called up to the people inside as we cautiously climbed the narrow steps. It was quiet despite having seen people go in earlier. We got to the top and the place was sparsely furnished and a wreck. Two kids, girls, were cuddled together against the window wall with a body near them. They looked terrified and told us to be quiet. We found out from them that their family was turning and that the older one had managed to kill one to protect her little sister. We told them we’d keep them safe.
Of course a family member came out. I believe the mother, the father and one of the teens came charging at as, zombies. I took one out and so did the girl and her friend. Even the little girl came and helped. We threw them out the window so as not to have dead bodies around. I explored the house while the blonde and her friend comforted the girls. Since I wasn’t entirely solid I wouldn’t get hurt if a zombie attacked me, at least not in a way that make me a zombie. The house was mostly clear, and I could see the fenced in, but severely overgrown yard and thought about food farming and fortifying the fence. I also found a little boy and his sister, who were not part of the family.
I went back to tell everyone what I had found and my ideas and asked the little girls if there was a way into the store that didn’t involve going outside because I needed seeds. They thought there was and we managed to find it. However, after getting into the store it changed. Instead of just the store it expanded into this underground workshop. Apparently I knew the people there and they were happy to see me and keep an eye on the kids we had just saved. They were building weapons and vehicles. They built some toys for the little girls and I and the blonde went back to the house. Now, this little boy and his sister were still there. Turns out they were ghosts. The sister wasn’t actually one, but I didn’t realize that until later. She knew they were stuck, because her little brother didn’t realize he was dead and was expecting their parents to come back. I was trying to help them move on, which is how I figured out the sister was actually alive, or at least not completely dead. She was only stuck because he was. I don’t know if I helped them get to the other side. The last thing that happened was that we were trying to make the boy realize that he was dead and needed to move on because that’s where his parents were and the guys in the workshop making him a really weird yet awesome toy car. 

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