A Short Encounter

I backed into the wall as he approached me. My heart raced with excitement as I felt the cool surface meet my back. He placed one hand by my head and another by my shoulder and leaned close. He smelled strongly of water, like he had taken a walk in a light rain and rolled around in the grass and earth. He might very well have done so today. It was a sweet smell, like flowers.

I tried to steady my breath as he put his lips to my ear.

“I need you to understand. This is no game. Do you know what you’re getting into?”

His body gave off an absurd amount of heat inches from my face. I could sleep naked with him and not be cold, even without a blanket. I tried to fight back the blush creeping up my neck at the thought. He chuckled, putting his face into the crook of my neck and inhaling deeply. He then pulled back to reveal his face.

My eyes went wide. His eyes were a vibrant orange-red, like a smoldering charcoal. They seemed to be alight like charcoal, as if they were literally lit. I could taste a hint of magic, it prickled my tongue like PopRocks and washed through my body like adrenaline. Holy shit.

He smirked. “You’re such an interesting human.”

Something about that smirk and that statement set my heart down a racetrack. Suddenly all I could see was danger. Here was someone who could destroy me. Not just maim, or kill, but destroy. He could annihilate me and feel no remorse. Not because he was cruel or sick, but because animals don’t have morals like humans. Yet, he would likely never do such a thing. I was too valuable, for now at least.


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