Blessings and Dreams

Saturday started off fairly plain. Z and I got up late in the day, around noon (well, that was me, he did his lark thing and got up around 9). We discussed going out, and we discussed the budget and we discussed taxes. We had gone food shopping and did laundry on Friday. We had a little extra funds thanks to his fabulous budgeting skills, extra hours at work for me and the generosity of my sister and grandmother. We also talked about our taxes, because ya know, tax time and all that. Of course, my mom calling me earlier prompted me to check our mail since she had mailed my tax forms to me.

Well, I opened the envelope and found the tax forms and a third thing. At the same time, Z was paying our bills and went to check the car insurance.

“What the hell?”

I got up and walked around to his computer. “What’s wrong?”

“Umm, the bill is different.”

I looked, the number was fifty dollars lower than last month.

“What the fuck?”

“Yeah, I know.” Z said as he clicked around the website to find the recent statement.

The statement said the premiums went down because of his age. Well. To say we were happy is an understatement. We hadn’t been expecting that in the least. There was no indication that it would change, and we didn’t think it would until he turned 25 this year. Nice thing to be proven wrong about. I went back to continue opening my mail and Z took a look at the mysterious letter from my school that my mom had included in the envelope with my tax documents.

“That’s a check.”

“No it’s not. Why would it be a check?”

“I don’t know, but it looks like every check I’ve ever seen from a school.”

“I really don’t think it’s a check. What would they be sending me a check for?”

I opened it. I really should listen to him more. Cuz it was a check. For a pleasant number. We were very happy about that. We immediately started parsing out what we could use it for. There were things we hadn’t been able to get when we moved in. There was still a few food items left on our grocery list (and quite frankly there still are). We made a plan, and we promptly left the house to implement it.

Thanks to the extra money we have a new shrine table, big enough for both of us. Z is going to write about that and post pictures (if he ever squashes his inner designer and becomes satisfied with his wordpress long enough lol) as well as pictures of our rearranged bedroom. We also got a lamp, a computer desk for him, a coffee table and matching end tables. The coffee table and end tables were ones we had seen before, but they were way too expensive, but on Saturday we got them for less than 200$. It was sweet. We also got a statue of Anpu for me, and some personal things that you people don’t need to know about. With another magic check we could get a futon for the den and more pots, pans and baking pans, and maybe a table for the kitchen!

Everything went so perfectly on Saturday, even when we thought we had gotten screwed, that we’ve joked we should play the lottery with 3-8-14 as our numbers. Of course, we couldn’t everything done since we had such a late start to the day, so we went back out on Sunday and acquired more items (one of which was my statue). It was so nice. We also have two houseplants, Douglas and Dennis. They sit on the space we made for Dapper now that we have a shrine table. And yes I did give Douglas his name because Dennis and Dapper were already there. It is the table of D (which sounds really wrong XD). Pictures of them will appear eventually.

We also put all this furniture together, and we got some items for our akhu area. Luckily the table we bought to serve as a shrine has a second shelf, so my items for Elysia and items for Z’s great grandmother are there. And yes my cat is on my akhu shrine. It looks really nice. Z is enjoying praying with me, and I really enjoy him next to me. We still haven’t figured out who is poking at his brain (and Anpu seems to know, but won’t tell me) but it’s ok I think. As an amusing side note, I remembered that some of the gemstones I have are perfect for dreaming. Z complains sometimes about not having dreams or being unable to remember them. For an experiment I took my hematite, amethyst and lapis lazuli stones and put them under his pillow (with his permission) and this morning he told me about this vivid dream involving a little bird of fire that reminded him of a Pokemon.

He proceeded to make jokes about magic beads and magic beans. Essentially I should expect a magic dream beanstalk in the morning if he drools on them. Isn’t he silly? I mentioned that it could easily be a fluke, he does occasionally remember them. I also plan to put some more of my protective stones around. I had a very unpleasant dream last night.

It started off frustrated. I was being forced to take high school english and pre-calc to qualify for the next two college classes I needed. Nevermind that I passed both classes with good grades IRL, but the classes in question weren’t even 100-level college courses, these were like, 300-level. I don’t get it, but gods was I pissed off about it. Not only do I have to take this absolutely ridiculous nonsense to get into a junior level college class, but I couldn’t remember a lot of the pre-calc stuff and teenagers annoyed the shit out of me when I was a teenager. Now that I also realize how much of an emotional little shit I was (along with how awesome I was) and realize how prickish and shitty some teens can be even more, I can’t stand teens. And the teens in the class I was in? Gods I had never met such obnoxious little dicks. (Can you tell I was unhappy with this dream from the start?)

The teacher was very patient with me. She understood why I was frustrated, and understood the annoyance with the immaturity of the kids in the class. She reminded me of things I had forgotten and really smoothed the path. I stayed in the back of the class, quiet and focused. One boy in the front, he was clearly the best in the class, but he talked a lot and was extremely condescending to other students. For whatever reason the teacher made me change seats for a little while. I can’t remember what it was. Anyway, she asked me a difficult question that even the smartass didn’t really get. Essentially it was a question that only I could answer, because I was the only one who had the life experience and complex understanding to answer it. Not that anyone realized that because I can easily pass for a teenager in looks.

Anyway, I answered the question in depth and started a dialogue with the teacher and some of the students. Well, Sir Smartass had to butt in.

“Geez, would you shut up? You’re always fucking talking.”

I snapped on him. “Why don’t you shut up? I’m always in the back listening quietly. You’re the only one who talks so fucking much and thinks they know everything.”

He merely glared at me and I turned back to the teacher. Then time skip and it was nighttime and I was outside the school talking to the teacher. She was assuring me that I would be ok and soothing my rage at the insolence of the teens. She also talked to me about the test, saying that she was sure I’d do fine and get into my class. At this point a car pulled up and parked in front of the school. A man in vibrant African-like clothes walked past us and greeted us. We half ignored him before finishing our convo and the teacher going into the school. The man came near me as I started to walk away and said hello. I made a vague and only half polite greeting before he grabbed me.

Well, obviously I started screaming at the top of my lungs. He just laughed and laughed as I kicked and screamed and flailed. I knew what was going to happen, he was a human trafficker. Don’t ask me why I knew this, I just did. For whatever reason no one came to help, the street and the sidewalks were empty and I was screaming everything they teach you to scream when you’re getting snatched. You would think since my teacher had gone inside less than a second ago she would have heard, but no avail. Eventually I even tried biting and scratching my assailant. That didn’t work, no matter how hard or viciously I bit him his skin didn’t break or anything. He just kept on laughing and carrying me down the street. I don’t know why we didn’t go to his car, but I’m glad we didn’t.

Eventually we came upon some traffic, and by now I was getting frantic and exhausted. One of the cars stopped and I begged him to help me. For some reason I recognize this particular person’s face from real life, but I couldn’t place the name at the time. He flung his passenger door open and I managed to break free of the kidnapper and get in the car. My savior pulled out a gun to keep the kidnapper back and drove off. I was so exhausted that I barely heard him ask me if I had anyone to call before I passed out. I know I told him to call Z. I woke up in this guy’s apartment. He hadn’t touched me. He told me I should call my boyfriend again. Out of nervousness at being alone in a strange man’s place, everything I said included a reference to my having a boyfriend. I didn’t call Z, he did. I don’t know why. I also don’t know why I changed my clothes, but the guy had spare clothes out for me and allowed me to go back to sleep. I vaguely remember Z coming in and talking with the guy. Discussing me and what happened, and Z thanking him before coming in the room where I was dozing. The next clear thing I remember was being with Z and one of our other friends. Us and the guy were going to the airport to go somewhere. Apparently they all knew each other, but I still couldn’t connect the right name to this person’s face, but I knew (and know) that he is someone I know IRL.

It was disconcerting. I never had a dream like that. Most violent dreams I have are not at all possible IRL, but this one was too plausible. It also disturbs me that I wasn’t more cautious around this strange man at night, on an empty block. I don’t even know what would have happened if he had gone to his car or that person hadn’t helped me. We were in traffic in the middle of the street and only one person opened their door to help me. The kidnapper didn’t even have a weapon, he was just insanely strong and impervious to biting. I’m just hoping I don’t have another dream like that. I may need to start carrying weapons.

Anyway, Z is now bugging me to go to bed. Peace out yo.


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