A Vision

Dapper walked around my room last night. He paced by the bed, poked at a few things on my shrine and finally settled down by switching to his wolf self and putting his head on the bed. Classic. I reached out to lay my hand on his head. He accepted the touch and rubbed his ear against my palm. I eventually started scratching his head (and let me add that petting an incorporeal being with your corporeal hand is not only a little silly feeling, but not too easy and very strange). After a few minutes of petting he shifted his weight and I could see golden statues on my shrine.

I couldn’t tell who they were, though I did recognize the giant cow horn and disk headdress on the goddess statue. I thought it was Hathor, which was weird enough, though now and while it was happening I vaguely remembered that Aset has some association with that headdress. I wondered if they were there to observe me or maybe even Z, who was cuddled against me and drifting into dreams. Then one of the statues shifted and became a seated Sekhmet. It came closer and grew bigger, becoming as large as the statues in the temple of Aset and Anpu. Sekhmet was looking away from me and I followed her eyes to see someone’s bedroom and them sleeping in their bed. I felt like such a creeper since I knew exactly who I was looking at. Sekhmet then turned to me and got out of her throne and took my hand. I felt kid-sized as we walked towards the wall which dissolved into the temple.

There Aset was waiting for us, not golden but the colors she always is. She took my other hand and they swung me off my feet just like a toddler. I didn’t mind, but I did note that I really felt like a kid now. They walked to a part of the temple I had seen before, a large, plain throne separated by a short wall from everything else. It was very well lit today and they sat me in it. Sekhmet stood off to the side while Aset sat on the arm of the throne. Anpu came over then and took his mask off. I had never seen him like this, human-y. It was always the jackal headed him I saw.

”What’s up?” I asked.

Anpu smiled. ”We have a lot of things to do Little One. We start tomorrow.”

”Huh? What? Tomorrow? What are we starting?”

”Shadow work of course. We can’t start today, you’re tired. Besides, you wanted this, you kept asking for it.”

I started to talk but shrugged, he had me there. Anpu smiled again and put his jackal mask back on as he turned away to mess with…something.

It was at the moment that Aset got upset. She pushed Sekhmet back, who had been leaning close to examine me.

”Would you back up? You already have things to do with your devotee.”

”I hardly want her, she’s so weak anyway, but she could still be…useful. They are friends.” By useful she was referring to how I could be made to help her devotee.

”She is not weak, and I don’t care. Keep back.”

”Could you two not talk about me like I’m not here?” I interrupted.

They turned to look at me and Aset stroked my hair. Before she could resume arguing with Sekhmet however, Anpu spoke up.

”Ladies, it doesn’t really matter now does it? Because she is mine and my plans are far more important than either of yours.”

That silenced them both. I decided gods were too much trouble and went to sleep in Aset’s lap.

I almost forgot. Dapper actually followed me into the temple with the goddesses. He sat near my feet the entire time. Maybe that’s what Anpu was doing, petting him or something.


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