Dapper Dreams

So, I sometimes have dreams that include Z. Usually it’s interesting, yet logical things. Sometimes it reflects other aspects that have to do with us being boyfriend and girlfriend. Very rarely it’s a bad dream that is unrealistic. At one point I did have some nasty thing invading my dreams and pretending to be him and making my nights very unpleasant. That something is gone now, so dreams have resumed being pleasant and/or mildly confusing or weird.

I mention this because I had a dream last night that included Zolfyer and it involved Dapper too. It started out with Z and I driving. Wherever we were going we were going there repeatedly. All that was important was the driving for some reason. We’d go up a six lane straightaway and then make a right through a double turn-only lane onto the expressway. It vaguely resembles a real life road that we take to get on the expressway from my mom’s house, but we haven’t been there in a week and it isn’t as cockamamie or direct as this dream road was. Anyway, the third time we got on this road Z was driving really fast. Now, normally I’m a terribly paranoid person despite the fact that Z is an excellent driver and my dad drives faster. However, I wasn’t the least bit bothered by this current craziness. We passed a police officer who was parked in a lane and Z slowed the car just enough to make the turn on the expressway without flying out of the lane (not that he stayed completely in it).

Then, three or four cars flew by us, it was insane how fast they went by us. Another was coming and Z went to change lanes, and yet the brakes started to fail. We were coming up on a hard curve that had no guardrail part way through it, obviously hitting this turn going too fast and without brakes meant we slid. Once again, remarkably calm and even jovial on my part. Z wasn’t worried either. He just steered away from other cars as we hit the guard and careened towards the inner guard separating the traffic directions. Then we spun, swerved, and went down the embankment where the outer guard rail stopped. Now this whole time, despite being inside the car, we were also watching this all happen from outside of it as well, and were completely unharmed. Even as the car flipped and tumbled down the hill, we were not affected despite being inside. Train tracks and a platform were at the bottom of the embankment. Our now thoroughly fucked up car landed on its wheels on the platform and we just sat there like, “well, this is a bummer.” Out of nowhere Sister shows up with someone else. They’re looking at us from the top of the embankment, asking if we’re OK and to get out the car. I let them know the doors are jammed and the brakes, even the parking brake, are busted. It was in park, but when Z let up the brakes from flush on the floor where he had them the car started rolling forward. He stopped it by stomping the brake to the floor, checked the parking brake and tried again. This time it didn’t stop.

Once again, we failed to panic, I just told Z to keep it off the tracks. We roll towards the train tunnel, which is under construction of some kind and I mention that putting the car in front of one of the unfinished pillars would keep it still and safe. Z nearly gets the car on the tracks but manages to keep it on the side and to a suitable pole. We get out and notice two people sitting at a desk in this unfinished, underground platform, doing paperwork or something. They said hi and we looked around. Two men and a little girl walked out of the tunnel then, marveling about it and talking. We heard the train coming and told them to move. They did so slowly, especially since the train slowed to a near stop. It did almost hit them though, but they were nonplussed. The little girl went playing with Z and I started telling everyone about the trains here in Philly and the name change the various lines went through. They all thought it was funny, and the woman at the desk showed me the train line map and then we were somewhere else.

This new place was someone’s bedroom. It had a lit fireplace, a fluffy area rug, dark wood walls and furniture and medium hardwood floors. It was, rustic and log cabin-y. Z and I had been in the bed, and I got up while he explored. He struck up a conversation with someone while I was given a book. The book was called something Magicka and the name Penczak kept repeating. I can’t remember what the first word was, but it started with an M too. I want to say Mada or Mado or something, but it was a beginners book and had Middle or Dark Ages type illustrations. It was very interesting, the first two chapters and rituals were about preparation and purification, somewhat involving the moon and various other things. I was inclined to do these rituals but I wanted to read completely through them first to understand what they needed, what they were for, and how they worked. Eventually I realized that the other person in the house was Dapper and he came in several times to talk and clarify things. Curiously I saw three children playing through a window, they were doing magic and making games Avatar TLA-style. Two girls and a boy. They were dressed like us, in pants and long sleeves even though it was clearly warm outside. It also made me wonder about the fireplace and why it was lit. By now Z was bored stiff. He played with the kids for a while, but then came inside and sat at the dining room table to play with a pecan while he listened to Dapper and I talk. Said pecan was more like an avocado, but I just kept calling it a pecan. He was squishing berries with it and for some reason I was paying very careful attention to it.

Dapper, meanwhile, was just staring at Z with a super WTF face. He could not, for the life of him, figure out why Z was playing with berries and a pecan. I couldn’t either, but I happen to know that humans, and Z in particular, will play with damn near anything when bored enough. Dapper started to look in the Magicka book, wondering if there would be something in there to explain why the pecan was so interesting. He genuinely thought it might be magic or related to it. I don’t think Dapper understands humans very well. I’ll be honest that I was evil and simply told him to look in the index instead of explaining that there was nothing special about what Z was doing. I checked the index with him, curious what things it did have in it. Lots of things on this list, and none of them in alphabetical order. I was mighty confused and told him he’d never find it with this out of order index. He merely sighed and turned to the alphabetical index where we failed to find pecans. Dapper then started to tell me about actually doing the rituals from the first two chapters but then alarms started going off and such. I just can’t ever finish these damn things can I? This dream is particularly significant because I made a deal with him last week, where in exchange for teaching me and other things I agreed to feed him and assist him with his missions or whatever they are. I think I can be pretty confident in his “morals”. Combine that with the information I gained from others and I think this’ll work out.


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