This particular story starts three days ago in the grocery store. I saw a giant box of pomegranates and Aset very strongly nudged that She wanted one. Aset rarely asks me for anything so I figured, why not? I like pomegranates and haven’t had one in a couple years. Yesterday I woke up feeling a vague sensation. I didn’t really have words for it, but it had everything to do with the sky outside. Going outside to feel the startling warmth of the day despite the dreary sky intensified the sensation. The very wind was whispering to that feeling in my heart.

I had a strange string of thoughts while heading to work. Thinking about Anpu and Aset, about my path and offerings led to thoughts of heka for my younger sister and Persephone. Persephone’s presence remained throughout the day and I pondered if She was there over my sister. I still think She has plans and cares about my sister, but She is here for me as well. At one point I fussed at Aset for inviting Persephone into my head for pomegranates (and then Anpu for trying to pull “well She’s my friend too!”) However I really didn’t mind. I had to admit I was fairly curious where the Queen of Light and Dark came from and why.

In the meantime I figured out what that sensation was. I don’t usually have very strong and vivid premonitions, but this was and still is a clear and powerful feeling. Change. Yesterday was brimming with the energy of change. A fantastic wave of turbulent energy flowed into me with even the slightest breeze. The entire day the weather insisted that it was upon the edge, waiting for cliffs to crumble (I also had an internal monologue about cliffs from my writing persona) and hoarding energy. Now, the sense of this change is very neutral, some people are going to have good change, some are not, others are going to have much of both. I am certain that everyone is going to be affected, but this premonition is specific to people I know and am close to. The overwhelming sense is that the change is going to be very intense, but again, not necessarily negative.

I feel like Persephone’s presence is part of the start of this change for me. I really don’t know much about Her, but She apparently approached Aset and Anpu to ask if She could work with me. According to my tarot draw, both of my netjer are excited for this new opportunity for me. Anpu went so far to say this could be a new start, to my creative spirit and my spiritual path. They both insist they won’t leave, so for that I am relieved. With this new deal though, I had to more thoroughly consider where my path was going. I have thought off and on for a couple weeks if the path of Kemeticism was right for me. I know my gods are right, I just don’t know if the religious framework is useful to me anymore.

I did what I like doing. I asked for help. Now, some of you know iretenra. She’s super awesome and worships Anpu as her primary deity as well. I’ve learned a lot from her, and regard her very highly. She also worships Persephone (and if I’m not mistaken came to that through Persephone’s self-invite). I went right to message her and ask for help. I figured Iretenra was in a similar situation as I was and she gave me spectacular advice.

1. Persephone is very helpful and kind. You may experience Her differently, but why not see it through?
2. If you feel Kemeticism isn’t working for you, think about what does.
3. You can figure out what does work by doing some introspection on what makes your heart sing spiritually.
4. Follow your heart.

Considering Kemeticism is all about hearts, I can jive with those things. She gave me examples of what she meant too, so I have a bit of a starting point. Ironically several of the things she listed are things that make my heart sing spiritually. I still need to consider things more deeply, especially if I plan to create a spiritual path off of these things and incorporate Anpu, Aset and now Persephone. So, we’ll see where this change goes.

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