Complaining and Planning

So, I’ve been avoiding the gods. I am quite stuck in a rut now. I don’t know what to do next, or how to break free. I’m frustrated with Anpu. You see, He keeps insisting on not worrying about the mundane and focusing on the spiritual. However, I find it nearly impossible to do that. I’m a full-time student, I’m a full-time girlfriend, I work part-time and I just have obligations like everyone does. How can I possibly not worry? Not to mention, it’s not like Anpu has anything specific in mind when He says focus on the spiritual. In fact, all He says is to be creative. While I consider myself a fairly creative person, I often need some inspiration somewhere. I can’t stand implorations to just “be creative.” Especially since I don’t necessarily have the luxury to fart around thinking.

Then, I read a blog post. Devo wrote this a little while ago and I read it the other day. It reminded me that I’m not going to be good at everything. I know exactly what it is that I am good at, what I am decent at but need practice on, and what I am not good at. I know all these things about the mundane. I do not know these things for spiritual matters.

It made me realize that I need to focus and keep trying. Of course, one of the things I thought about after reading it was when do we know to stop trying/stop practicing? At what point can we realize and recognize that we need to try something else? I respect Devo, Aubs, Sard and a whole bunch of other Kemetics immensely. They encourage me and help me so much it’s mind-boggling. They constantly remind me that they don’t have anything together 100%, that they’ve been at this for years. Seven, ten, fifteen years. They had tried some technique, some thing, for years. Yet, I know there were things they tried and abandoned. When do we know to move on to try something else? When did they know? How do I know?

I’ve had some interesting things go on in my mundane life. As I mentioned in my last post, Zolfyer has a job now. He still likes it, but he’s finding that it is difficult to some degree. Tiring, draining. I also have a job; nannying for a very nice couple and their infant. I like them and I adore their baby, but in so many ways I feel like I’m not doing enough. Z and I are still trying to save to move out and our expenses have gone way up. The reason is we have a new car, and therefore, a car note and higher insurance. He is footing almost all of our expenses and savings, because I am in school and really can’t balance a full course load and a full-time job. He is ok with this because eventually I will be done school and he wants me to finish, and when I finish I will be capable of significant contribution to the finances.

Lately though we’ve been arguing. My health isn’t superb right now, not really unusual for this time of year. However we’ve been stressed out. Our ability to spend time together is getting seriously compromised and certain segments of my family are not helping us. They are trying to help, but they are not. I am…not very happy with myself or others. I can’t explain it really. I feel like I am neither helping, nor being helped. One of the Netjer told me today that I am being unreasonable and causing Z stress. I know they aren’t sock puppets because they usually are not on my side when I’m causing trouble. This isn’t any different. So for that I know what I have to do. I don’t know what to do about the rest of the issues going on. Everything is so uncertain and feels inadequate, yet I do feel like progress is being made towards my mundane goals. However, I do feel like some things are coming at a cost that I dislike. I feel massively separated from everything and like I’m watching the world spin around me, doing whatever it wants without me. I feel less involved in my own actions and my brain refuses to churn out inspiration for writing.

Instead I’ve turned to baking. I haven’t discussed baking recently because I haven’t done it recently. However, the other day I decided to make biscuits to rectify starting an argument. They came out ok, for some reason my dough refuses to rise. I made bread tonight, same issue. I followed the recipe to the letter, both for the biscuits and for the bread tonight, and yet, nothing. It’s good yeast, it activated, I mixed and kneaded thoroughly. Yet the dough still won’t rise. It is quite delicious if I say so myself, but it just. won’t. rise. I’m starting to feel like my bread is reflecting something of myself. I really feel that I’ve found my niche in the family baking tradition. Everyone makes sweets, my grandmother and mom make cakes and pies, my sister makes cakes and cookies, me, I make bread. I adore making bread, I really do. I don’t mind making other things, but it isn’t hand-sy enough. Ironic since I’m such a stickler for my hands being clean and grime free. However, I like mixing, I like kneading, I like flour. There is something delightful about banging, folding, turning and rolling a big mess into something useful and tasty for others. It is the same delight as cooking; I am providing something useful and nice for others. Feeding them, taking care of them. This is also why I love plants so much. They always appreciate care and affection and you can readily see how your treatment makes them grow.

Is that what is missing here? Practicality and usefulness to others, feeling as though I am taking care of them and receiving their appreciation? Maybe that is why I still struggle to maintain focus and motivation for crocheting, writing, language learning, and my other hobbies. Maybe there is too much abstract, too much centrality. Perhaps I don’t feel useful enough. Perhaps I don’t feel like I am providing a service to others, a way to make them feel cared about. Then also, perhaps I also struggle to feel I am improving. As much as I am an abstract thinker, I really enjoy the solid and concrete. That probably makes a lot of sense, I need concrete things to ground my wild thoughts. Z is a very solid, literal thinker and I love it. I feel safe and like I can count on him, with a sure surface to hold on to when I’m floundering or confused. He also helps me actually stick to and use solidarity, because having an abstract and watery brain makes it hard to hold on to the land you desperately want and need. However, with such things as self-learning Japanese or wading into the spiritual, it is difficult to judge success and improvement. I mean, obviously you improve, but, I am not good at making goals. As much as I’ve counseled my younger sister on how to make great goals, I am not that good at it myself. Sticking to said goals and other ways to keep progress on track are not easy for me either. So, having poorly formed goals and having a hard time sticking to goals makes it difficult to see anything going or to get going. I guess I’m also used to having goals that eventually end the endeavor. But, language and spirituality, unlike a crochet project or even a writing project, are sort of never-ending things. I love all four things, yet I struggle so greatly with them.

It hurts that I struggle so much. I want to be so good at them! I’m smart, I’m talented, so why can’t I do them? I practice and think and research and yet I go nowhere. Even when I have motivation and focus, somehow I still fail. I am not bad at these things, I am more than a beginner. Yet here I am, stuck in a rut. I know what is wrong with writing. I know what is causing me problems there, yet fixing them is not easy. Even my photography is stuck, but at least it is fall, so I could, in theory, jump back in. Focus is the main problem with both crochet and language. I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong in baking, so I shall have to try a different recipe. I guess focus and confidence are the problems in spirituality. Who knows. All I know is I am trying and I just need to stick to a schedule of some sort. That is probably the hardest part for me. Also something hard, realizing when I’m being and stopping being insufferable and unreasonable. Being a human is hard. Well, at least I have a plan. Perhaps I should consider more how I can incorporate plants and others into my hobbies and spirituality. I must find a way to solidify the things I’m trying to do in my spiritual life. I need to figure out the matter of practicality and caretaking for my spirituality and these hobbies and create good, sustainable goals.

Oh, I almost forgot, there’s a new goddess hanging around. She never introduced Herself and still hasn’t. No one has said anything about Her, I may have noticed Her earlier than I was supposed to. All I know is I noticed Her presence while offering food to Anpu and Aset, so I gave Her some too. She is fair skinned with black hair and reminds me vaguely of Ma’at. Simple clothes, no wings, so She wasn’t Aset, who always has Her headdress and wings. That and Aset was to my left and this other goddess was to my right. It may very well be Ma’at, but I really don’t think so.This unknown goddess doesn’t have a headdress, but something vaguely feather-like and simple rests on Her head. There was no detail, it was totally blurry, but it was weird. It could potentially be Serket. I don’t know.

6 thoughts on “Complaining and Planning

  1. I think you’re worrying a bit too much about things 🙂
    I understand you have a very busy life, most people do. But perhaps His insisting on you focusing on spiritual things is a way to let you know you’re letting yourself overwhelmed with mundane things. And perhaps He doesn’t have anything in particular He’d like you to focus on. He’s reminded me many times to focus on the spiritual too, usually when I worry too much about ‘life crap’. And interestingly enough, when I listen to Him, things have a way of setting themselves in place.
    Practice standing still, even for a minute a day. Just breathe in and breathe out and just stand still, empty your mind of worries. A sort of a super short meditation, if you like.
    Or maybe the idea for you is to get into some sort of spiritual routine, even if it’s just a prayer a day or lighting a candle. It’s little things like that done on a regular basis that are very enriching. In a way, they keep a relationship going. You can’t really have a relationship unless you actually communicate in some way or another, at least from time to time, right?
    You asked ‘When do we know to move on to try something else? When did they know? How do I know?’
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me the time to try something else is either when I’ve tried something for an amount of time and it’s either giving the results I was looking for or I’m at a dead end. That doesn’t mean giving up – in the case of reaching a dead end – it means taking a break, pursuing another interest and in time, if needed, can come back to the first thing.

    ‘Being a human is hard.’ you say. I very much agree. But that need not bring us down. It may be hard but our paths are filled with great things as well.

    • Thank you. Anpu mentioned yesterday that to Him, my primary problems seem to be lack of focus and confidence. He also mentioned that I waste a lot more time on nothing and silence (that silence being my creativity) than I realize. I guess part of the problem is that I’m afraid of what such focus will bring about. I had some rather startling reactions and revelations before. They were scary in their intensity and lacked a certain sense. I also have healing and shadow work waiting for me, and as much as I’m ready not to be burdened anymore I’m not quite ready to forgive yet. I still worry that it’ll only open me up to more hurt.

      I guess I know exactly why I’m at this impasse don’t I?

  2. Have you tried parsing out things that aren’t serving you at the moment? You seem overly inundated with a lot of stuff going on. Trying to keep up a million things when your life is running full speed ahead can cause burn out and excess stress that makes other things more difficult. I see you’re worrying about a bunch of projects that are only kinda working for you. I’d say if things aren’t jiving for you and, say… writing and crocheting- don’t do anything with them for a while. Sometimes we need a break from our hobbies or things that we do. And if you suffer from anxiety or spoon shortages, you’ve got to learn when to cut back so that you maintain yoru sanity :3
    How frothy is your yeast getting before you put it into your flour? Sometimes if the yeast doesn’t get foamy enough, the bread doesn’t rise well. Additionally, the temp of the kitchen can make a difference (I bring it up because winter is coming). Food for thought, at least.
    Lastly, I’d tell you to examine why it is that you wish to help others so much. Helping people is fine and dandy, but not if its to a detrimental level, or if its because secretly we want the praise and back pats of “oh you helped” (what I call hole filling). Not trying to imply that that is your issue (and quite frankly, I think we all suffer from this to some extent), but it might be worth looking at why you like such things so much- and see if there is anything you can glean from that as well.
    idk. stuff. XD

    • I’m overly inundated with my emotions most of the time. I’m honestly not fretting terribly about most of my hobbies and crocheting is one of the things that helps me be calm. I’m an emotional wreck really. I haven’t done anything with writing for a while and that does bother me. I enjoy writing but nothing comes out of my head. All the anxiety for me as well.

      As far as my yeast it is getting pretty frothy, but I guess not frothy enough. However, my entire house is cold. This makes it really difficult to find a warm place to let the dough rise or even wait for the yeast despite the warm brew it sits in. My solution has been to warm the kitchen with the oven, but even after an hour in the warmer kitchen the dough hasn’t doubled.

      I genuinely like helping others, and I do admit that I like the back-patting too. As well I was raised to enjoy being in a caretaker role, and I am constantly called selfish and arrogant and haughty. So it’s genuine love of helping mixed with a big dose of shame and prove-em-wrong-itis. I AM A MIXED BAG OF FUCKED UP. TAKE A GAMBLE, PICK A TRAIT, FREE NEUROSIS WITH EVERY VIRTUE

      • Try warming the oven for a bit and putting the dough in the oven itself to rise (turn the oven off, first). I’d bet its the cold air making your bread pissy.
        Ah see, that shame is no good for your anxiety, tho D: I dislike people that do that. Makes it very challenging for folks with anxiety to ever find any peace of mind.

      • Lol I haven’t had peace of mind in eight years, I haven’t been anxiety free in nearly seven. I get stomach aches all the time from anxiety and stress and constantly battle back paranoid and obsessive thoughts. I don’t get nightmares cuz I see them when I’m awake. Meh, I’m very angry inside

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