A Slice of Life

So, Zolfyer has a job now :3 we’re very happy about this. It’s a great job, pays a good starting salary, and there’s movement available within it. It enables us to pay all our bills and save, not to mention he’s been fighting for work for so long that it was really a needed boost to his self-confidence. He starts Monday!

Now, our new concern is our car Bob. He’s been having some issues, concerning noises and such. Since the job is in Jersey and their public trans sucks Z definitely needs a car. Bob has made comparable trips before, Z’s case with SP was a similar distance from his house as this new job, but due to the serious repair Bob needed and damage to the head gasket last month from overheating, well we’re concerned. So far the head gasket hasn’t given us any trouble, it sustained only minor damage (the radiator was what sustained severe damage) and the radiator is now new, but damage only gets worse in cars. If anything happens to that head gasket the car will essentially be totaled, it wouldn’t be worth fixing it in a car as old as Bob. Not to mention there’s still minor lingering damage to the suspension from when we hit a guard rail (don’t ask).

In essence we’re in the market for a newer car. Right now we have to decide what is wiser, to get a newer car asap or wait a while and save up before getting one. We’re pretty sure that Bob probably won’t survive the winter unscathed. He has gone through a winter before (we bought him in February), but he didn’t have arthritis and engine damage either. When it was chilly last week we noticed his engine taking an extra second or two to turn over and the transmission vibrating more even after he warmed up.

Now, lots of cars take a little longer to turn over when it’s cold, and Bob’s transmission has always vibrated noticeably, especially when idling, turning, or in reverse, but not quite like this. Because Z is teaching me how to drive, we’ve noticed the transmission making odd noises, vibrating angrily and the car groaning and complaining a lot more. Why? Well, new drivers move slower, need to correct more mistakes and practice certain skills. That practice: turning, parking, reversing, correcting, all stress the suspension and transmission as you go back and forth from reverse and drive and turn the wheel and such. Well Bob has done his best to be the nicest and most awesome learning car, but he grumps and yells anyway. And I don’t blame him, I hesitate a lot. However, this highlights the true depth of his issues. So we’re looking for something for him to reincarnate in.

The issue is, when should we do it? Z got advice to hold on until Bob actually dies or becomes otherwise undrivable or unreliable, however Z has a three month probationary period, so if Bob fails on the highway, well not only is he stuck on the roadside but he might lose the job. If he lasts through the winter it may still not be good, because it’s doubtless he’ll sustain stress from it. We were considering a compromise, holding on to him and saving up, then I take Bob and Z get a newer car. The reason is I don’t have any out-of-city driving to do and no job now. Even when I get work it’ll be part time since school is my primary focus.

Nonetheless, I am very happy and totally excited about Z’s new job. It is something we, and especially he, really needed. As far as Bob, well I’m sure he’ll tell us when he’s too tired to keep going and we can always keep seeking advice and guidance from multiple sources. We got the chance to get Z new shoes, a new tie and new shirt. I’m happy because he needed those things, he’s not because it’s spending money XD He’s also not happy because he feels like he’s being unfair. He’s worried that he is getting to spend money but I’m not, but this is for things he needs, not things he wants (unlike me, I just want yarn and new crochet hooks). He’ll live, I already know that he likes getting me stuff lol


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