My Generation Feminists: Don’t Know Much ‘Bout Biology

All this does is make me more certain that I don’t want my future child or my nephew to go to school in America

Breaking Away From Modern Feminism

This is a subject that is very personal for me. As an aunt to a very rambunctious and headstrong five year old nephew, I wonder how it is going to be for him when he starts school in the fall. Not only that, but as a student in the Early Childhood program at college, I find so many things wrong with the American school system it makes my head hurt.

The number one thing I am finding is how many children have been diagnosed with ADHD in the past ten years or so. The numbers keep growing, and there is no end in sight. There are many vociferous advocates out there, mostly about the causes of this sudden influx of ADHD sufferers. The most common culprit is the artificial dyes in our food, such as Red #5. If we cut out these dyes, they say, and then our children won’t…

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