To all my followers and shadow readers, I sincerely apologize for the lack of posting. I have been dealing with a lot of business IRL as well as general writer’s block. I realize I have a bit of posting to catch up on. E and F for the PBP will be a combined post, I’ll also start working on back posts for the KRT and thinking of topics for G and H for the PBP. I appreciate your patience. Thankfully I’m starting to get my brain back together, as such please enjoy a poem I composed to be part of a new story idea I have. I may share later, but I’m still world-building as it is.

I’ll also make sure to fill out the Prayer and Praise category as well as adding to the Feeling the Music sub-category. We’ll work on that. Thanks guys.

Where are you my love?

Are you walking in the shadows?

I see you, I see you, but only in the moonlight.


Can you feel your silhouette?

Feel yourself as cold as stone?

I will walk with you, you’ll not walk the dark alone.


Your eyes are dead as darkness

were they ever really alive?

I think so, I think so

you simply killed the monster inside.


Crazy it may seem, that you should lose your light

by killing that which makes you seem blacker than the night.

But where is shadow without the dark?

Where will light reach if the place is bare?


Where are you my love?

Are you walking in the shadows?

I see you, let me in,

I’ll darken the nightmare.


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