For The Netjer

The other day I stumbled upon this little paragraph in Ritner’s Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice and I just have to share it because many people think of Sekhmet  solely as a destroyer, completely disregarding Her role as a Goddess of healing and yes, even medicine [especially since in Ancient Egypt medicine and magic were intertwined]:

‘The Ebers Papyrus includes ‘amulet man’ with ‘doctors’ and ‘priests of Sekhmet’ in a list of medical practitioners who might be expected to apply a ‘hands on’ method of examining patients:

…when any doctor, priest of Sekhmet or amulet-man places his hands or fingers on any head, on any back of the head, on any hands, on any chest (‘place of the heart’), on any arms, or any feet, then he places them on the heart, for its vessels belong to all its limbs.

Further on the page it is stated that…

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