Breaking Away From Modern Feminism

Now, when I say “Chivalry” I don’t mean the ancient Arthurian concept. I’m not talking about men wearing their lady’s colours into battle, or tying favours to the end of their lances while they jousted.

I’m talking of a more, courteous nature.

What happened to opening doors for a woman? What happened to paying for dinner? What happened to holding a woman’s seat for her as she sat down? Or standing up when she leaves/arrives at the table? Hell, even giving a woman your coat when she is cold is looked upon with scorn.

When did it become against the dating rules to do anything like that for a woman?

As a thirty year old female, I can tell you it started before I became of dating age. Rarely, if ever, has a guy opened the car door for me, opened the restaurant door for me, or even waited for…

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