Sweet Dreams Are Made of This…

Let me point out that there are four “people” in this dream: myself, my boyfriend (his name is Josh) and two fictional characters who also represent us. I don’t know where this dream came from.

I’m in an open air market, no idea why, but it had lots of interesting things as one might expect an open air market to have. I was looking for gifts for several people, but my alternate self was the most important. At first I was looking alone but eventually Josh as Akihiko came over to help. We were looking through a variety of things. At this point I’d already picked out a few small things, jewelry mostly if I recall correctly.

We kept walking around, standing in front of one particular stand for a while, debating different things. Getting the right gift was really important, I can’t remember the object we were arguing over getting or not, but it would make other me very happy and was important for some kind of thing. It might have had something to do with physical health or spirituality, but I’m not sure. Eventually he called me over to something else, a black bag that the stand was selling. A “deluxe gift bag” if you will, already full of stuff.

We started looking through it, and that’s where the necklaces were. We were astounded by all that was in it, especially considering how cheap the price was for real jewelry. Gold necklaces and a yellow mineral that for the life of me I can’t place. Mustard yellow with brown squiggles, maybe the color of sulfur. There were also pieces of light and dark jade, some on necklaces, some not. They were very pretty, carved into statuettes, but generic ones. That’s when I found the quartz. It was big, a double quartz point about two or three inches long and a thumb’s width. It was perfect, clear like glass and flawless, clean, wire wrapped on a chain. It was probably the clearest image in the entire dream and when I say it was perfect it was perfect.

We kept going through it, that’s when the dream sort of zoomed out to be third person, and I can’t be sure if I was still there or my alternate self, but it’s possible. There were also six Beanie Babies in the pouch, they really shouldn’t have fit, the bag wasn’t that big, but two of them I knew and the other four I didn’t. I was flabbergasted to see my leopard and my sister’s zebra in there (that would be Freckles and Ziggy). The other four are Beanie Babies I don’t think exist.  I know there was at least one bird among the other four, but I just remember a rainbow one and a white one, maybe a yellow one. I’m not sure. Something about them is important, but perhaps the only ones really important are Freckles and Ziggy. They are paired together and all of my Beanie Babies are special to me. I don’t know if I actually got the bag. I know at some point we walked away and ended up in a real store, something akin to Walmart (huge white store, seems legit right?) to keep looking for gifts. This is when real Josh showed up, to help keep looking. I don’t think we found anything in there, but the dream was interrupted by my mom calling my phone, coincidentally with a potential part time job idea. I can’t say I bought anything for sure, but I think I did.


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