From Per Ma: House of the Lion she tagged me a good bit ago and I figured I’d do it. I need to write but I still don’t know what I’m writing yet so yeah, enjoy lol


1. The bloggers have to have 200 or fewer followers.

2. There is a list of question to answer from your nominator as well as having to come up with a list of questions for your own nominees. You can either use the same questions as was asked of you or make up new ones for your nominees.

3. Copy/paste the award logo into your post. You can add it to your blog sidebar or footer if you wish.

4. Notify your nominees of the nomination.


  • What inspired you to start a blog?

I like writing, am random, think a lot, and enjoy my own personal space to just blurb. It quickly became about my religion as well once I started on Kemetism.

  • Have you been achieving any of the goals set out with your blog?

I don’t think I really set goals lol I didn’t even think I’d get followers and now I have almost thirty :3 or at least I have thirty registered, I have several lurkers who float around uncounted XD

  • Which moment in your life do you currently find the most awe inspiring?

umm, how great my boyfriend Zolfyer is and how hard he’s working and has worked? He’s great at managing money (and thank the gods for that!) Oh, umm, I guess some of my interactions with the Netjer at times as well.

  • What is a fear you’d like to overcome / have overcome?  If you’ve overcome it, how did you do it?

hmmm, I don’t know. I have to think about that. Maybe as some fears I want to overcome would be fear of writing for the Netjer and the uncertainty of the future.

  • How do you handle unfortunate situations?

Depends on the situation and how it made me feel lol sometimes I handle it well, other times I don’t. In general I am an angry crybaby XD

  • What is your favorite holiday?  Why?

well, I suppose Christmas and Easter used to be. I currently don’t have a favorite holiday.

  • What is a tradition you hope to pass on, be it to your children or to other generations in your community?

Not being an ass to people just because they are different from you for any number of reasons

  • What is your view of the Divine, be it from a believer or non-believer’s standpoint?

I’m a polytheist, the Divine is many things, but mostly bigger beings with a lot of power and control over the universe. My view has changed a lot since becoming a pagan.

  • You have just attained your dream life.  Describe it in 140 words maximum.

Wife, mother, Kemetic, nurse, writer, musician, painter. Big house, pets, happy chibis, happy husband, bilingual, probably in a different country (Sweden or Japan).


One thought on “Tagged!

  1. Oh, excellent! We hadn’t heard of the Liebster award, thanks for posting this as it’s very informative. Could come in handy if we nominate one of our favourite blogs or in the unlikely event we get nominated ourselves! Thanks for sharing.

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