Catching Up

So, I know I’ve been gone for a while. Quite a bit has happened; not all of what I wanted to talk about I remember. I remember having an epiphany that will probably make life a little easier. This had to do with something Aubs wrote a little while ago (or was it Devo?), about blocking oneself. It made me think that perhaps for some things I am blocking myself. That’s when the epiphany happened and my brain spilled the beans about some things I already knew but didn’t really think about. Things I’ll be working on and may do an execration for later in the week or something. I like burning things but I don’t have anything nifty to burn things in, so I may just have to go fireless (boohoo).

I was also thinking of doing a spell for jobs and stuff. Right now TB and I are still with the staffing company and it’s getting harder to save as more bills pop up, like his school bill. I did ask Anpu and Set if they could tell me what’s up with all this stuff and what I could do to find my way on this wibblywobbly path, but I got a confusing dream as an answer. Right now I’m just trying to go about life and see what I can do to make things easier.

Speaking of prayer and magic, I moved my room around. Let me tell you it was hard >.> I’m not all that strong and I have solid wood bedroom furniture. Even completely empty with all the drawers removed it took a lot of effort to move my bureau from one side of the room to another. Add in the bed, the bookcase, cleaning, and moving smaller items I was exhausted by the end. However! Moving my room around enabled me to carve out a space to pray at and light candles on. It’s not much, I have a trunk that serves as a great flat surface and there’s only candles there, but it’s an actual space. Now I just wish I had some statues (can you see Set and Anpu roll their eyes and sigh? I can XD)

I’m likely going to start looking for new jobs soon. There’s nothing wrong with the one I have really. I like the kid I work with (even though he seeks to destroy my nerves at times) and I like the place I work. The problem really is how much I make and how easily the job can be taken from me. I honestly don’t make enough money, not for the time I spend there and the travel I do or how much effort the child requires. And certainly not for a job that isn’t permanent. I’m just conflicted because the kid does need someone and he’s doing better with me there and is getting attached to me (not to say I’m not getting attached to him).

Really the person I’m worried about is TB though. He needs a job in his field and isn’t getting one. All the effort he put in school, he really enjoys graphic design too. He’s been looking since he graduated and he is having worse luck with cases than I am. I just want him to find a job in his field that he’ll like. I’m hoping and praying that one of these recent firms he’s contacted will respond positively and hire him. He could use the confidence boost anyway and he would be ecstatic to have a job that he likes and that is steady and permanent. Hell, I would be beyond ecstatic at that, because he would be happy and it’s what he wants and likes.

On yet another note, I think Aset has decided to back away until I’m actually ready for Her. The other night when I went to pray and light Her candle it refused to light. Like, the lighter wouldn’t light and when it did the wick wouldn’t catch. I told Her I got the hint and I haven’t felt Her presence since. That’s ok I guess, I still liked having Her around, but it’s not like I’m going to be jumping into the mommy and wife roles anytime soon. Guess I’m back to the boys’ club huh? Well, now I’m going to go to bed because I’ve stayed up way too late working on a new resume and setting up accounts on job hunting websites as a childcare provider. We’ll see what the morning brings I guess!


22 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Devo, Duskenpath, and Larissa are all graphics related majors. Devo works in her field, iirc, but neither Dee nor L do. Dee is hoping with graduate school, she will succeed, but…

    It’s hard. It is so hard to go to school and do what you are told – get good grades, graduate, and your dreams come true – only to realize that’s a lie. It doesn’t matter if you do those things or not, you get stuck in the same line as everyone else for the same jobs. And invariably, the graduates are denied because of ‘not enough experience.’ It’s bullshit.

    All the new generations are most educated generations and they’re hardly better off than any other generation before them.

    • yeah, I just wish these jobs would be more reasonable with their experience requirements. The lowest I”ve seen is two years, some are demanding 5 to 7. He’s thinking of going back to school to get certified as a graphic design teacher even though he really would prefer to be a designer. At this point I”m just trying to encourage him the best I can and help him look for jobs and potential firms that might hire him.

      • It’s the whole thing that makes this stuff even worse. You’re supposed to have experience, but no one will hire you to get the experience. It’s this stupid circle that you’re forced to go round and round in because all companies don’t care about their people, but about their companies’ images and the products and blah, blah, blah.

      • yeah, at this point I’m just gonna stick with childcare until I can finish nursing school and start that. NURSES ARE THE SHIZ YO, THEY ALWAYS NEED NURSES.

    • I know you were talking to Aine, but thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it. It’s rough I’ll admit. The most I could do was work with a client who absolutely drives me bananas and isn’t really on the ball with providing payment when he should, but it’s the most I could do to keep working with him so my “years of experience” rack up. That and my best friend hired me to design his massage therapy logo, but that’s about it.

      It’ll be okay though. Eventually. Ya’ know? I just keep my head up and power through it somehow. I keep telling myself when something’s meant for me it’ll come along, but I don’t know how much I believe it anymore.

      • I’ll just add this now. The worst thing anyone can tell me is to “stop waiting for something to come and go look.” That’s going to do more harm than good since I spend essentially every extra minute in the day I can looking for these jobs. I even search for these jobs using the internet on my iPhone.

        I’m only bringing this up because Aine said someone might respond that way and the moment she said it I was almost instantaneously offended because only I know how hard I work and no one else. Sorry if that comes off hostile to anyone.

      • I love you too; and I know it will. Like I said when the job that’s meant for me presents itself I’ll know. That’s why I’m going to try to get this teaching certification; though I’m still going to need an amount of experience. That’s always the hard part XD

  2. The job market is brutal. :\ But I am glad to hear that things seem to be progressing elsewhere. Take care of yourself and good luck to you and TB.

    The Netjeru seem really good about stepping back when things get too crazy, although how far back they go depends on your arrangement with them. For example, the Pesedjet had no problem stepping WAY back (as long as they get attention once a week), but such a thing wouldn’t be an option with Bast.

    In general, it seems that they would rather not overload us mortals more than necessary. 😉

    As for images, if you have access to a color printer and nice picture frames, printing something out, then framing it is an acceptable option in lieu of statues.

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