I’ve decided I’m going to do the Pagan Blog Project this year. I know, I’m a day late. I knew I was going to do a post for Anpu, though I couldn’t decide if I would do His for the first week or the second, but it just kept invading my head so yeah. Maybe I’ll do one for Aset? I’m not sure, I’ll likely write a normal blog post after this so you’ll get two posts. Anyways, on with the show yes?

I’ve written plenty of posts on my main deity (though Set loves to troll and take first dibs on things), but I have to say I love writing about Him. He’s a quiet deity, but never mistake quiet for weak. Anpu is often around, a quiet and comforting presence. He is also a powerful presence, like listening to thunder in the middle of the night. In general it is just rolling and deep, a threat that isn’t a threat, a hidden sound reminding you that there is great strength. I’m sure I sound a little cheesy, but I’d bet His voice would remind me of thunder. You can’t see thunder, you can only hear it; you only know it’s there when it comes upon you. You can’t anticipate thunder, sometimes it comes right on the heels of its lightning and sometimes it doesn’t. Thunder can also be terribly frightening. I’m 21 years old and there are times that thunder wakes me up and terrifies me, sometimes with no lightning to be seen from a window. I think that’s the scariest type, the kind that crashes like falling buildings and explosions but no lightning to speak of. What happened to it? Where did it land? What sort of bolt could make such a terrifying noise? That, is Anpu I think. Normally placid, calm, but capable of being terrible and ferocious. I like that about Him.

I will admit (and probably have admitted elsewhere) that I initially researched Anpu out of love of canines and His canid head. Of course I found out that He is incredibly awesome, even more awesome than I ever thought. I always thought He was a cool and interesting deity even though all I knew of Him was His role as Divine Embalmer and a deity of death. For some reason that just never grew on me, I always just liked Him; regardless of His role in death or what The Mummy (1999) had to say about Him. Or what any class in school didn’t say about Him. I don’t know, it was just always a feeling that He was awesome. And I can’t tell you how happy I was to be proved utterly correct. He is a very important presence in my life and in my head now and I’m still getting to know Him, but I look forward to that.


4 thoughts on “Anubis

  1. Y’know? I think your right, about what Anpu would sound like. He does have that kinda usually quiet and soothing but then BAM thing going on, dosn’t he? X3
    He is pretty awesome. ❤ Much love to the Jackal Man!

  2. “I will admit (and probably have admitted elsewhere) that I initially researched Anpu out of love of canines and His canid head.”

    Same here. XD

    Anpu really is quite wonderful. It’s been a while since I’ve spoken with him (most of my focus is on Ganesh and Bast now), but he is quiet. The kind of quiet that hangs around right before something big is going to happen. Like a soul is going to be resurrected, or some bad guys are going to get got. 😉

    • you know when I read this earlier in the day I got a very distinct feeling of Anpu smirking in amusement behind my head lol I feel like He’s got something up His sleeve. I hope so, I have no idea where He’s taking me XD

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