A Long and Strange Dream

So last night (this morning) I had a very long and intricate dream. I may not remember all of it, but here goes. It started with me walking to an apartment with a friend in a foreign country (dunno where, just know it’s not America even though it’s an English speaking country too). Anyway, I don’t know why I was there, but the inside of the apartment looked like my grandmother’s house. Which is fine, most of my spiritual stuff is still over there. But, it wasn’t just an apartment complex but also some sort of medical home for sick and disabled people. Whatever, they just have special rules about things, especially body fluids and clothes and shoes to keep disease from spreading.

Boyfriend was also there, we were living together here. I don’t know what he was doing for a lot of the dream, working I think. Why I wasn’t working is also beyond me, but the first night wasn’t much of anything. We explored our new apartment and talked to the people who ran the clinic and such and the medical rooms and some of the patients. They were all pretty cool, I think I was considering working there. One of my friends was there as well, she came over and let me borrow her strange keyboard. It was like a black computer keyboard with a small screen for typing. I don’t know why she gave it to me, but it was interesting to use.

I left the apartment to go for a walk (I’ll note that there was a dead train track on a bridge close by. It seemed important because I kept seeing it). It was rather dark out and I somehow ended up in a park. I was frustrated because I could no longer see the keyboard’s screen in the dark of the park. Then I heard a gruff and drunk sounding voice and turned to see a creepy guy behind me. I couldn’t see his face, but it was no surprise that I ran away. I don’t know how long he chased me, I just know I ran through the city to get away from him. Eventually I looked back to see if he was still behind me and I couldn’t tell, but a cop car went by and I went to walk after it. I heard someone in the crowd tell me that the guy had gotten on a bus a while ago, laughing.

I didn’t take the chance and knocked on the window of the cop car. The female cops let me in when I explained that I was being chased by a guy and decided to take me home. It was interesting being in the car with them, they talked about how they wished more people would ask for help instead of getting in trouble, like with drunk driving and such. They also got a call from dispatch about a shooting and it was the crazy guy who was chasing me (I just knew it was him, they didn’t say much to imply it). The cops didn’t want to put me out, but they were closest, so they let me out near the train tracks because it was the closest they could get before needing to leave.

I went up the stairs to cross the tracks since they were dead and there wasn’t a sidewalk for the road underneath it. There were people on it, my age, partying or something and I knew a couple of people, though I’m not sure how or their names. I just knew they were friends, but I wasn’t interested in partying with them on the tracks. I kept going to the apartment and went in through the clinic. I went back to my apartment where I had a conversation with someone about being incomplete. I don’t know who this person was or how we got to the topic, I just remember him talking about not feeling right and a symbol in my head (three isosceles triangles) and it just connected that the problem was he was incomplete. This epiphany for him is useful for me too, but I’m not sure how, I forgot when I woke up.

At this point family members moving around the house and turning the bright ass overhead light on woke me, but once they were gone my brain went right back to the dream when I fell back asleep. This time it was day and Boyfriend and I were coming back from somewhere, presumably getting him from work and we went through the clinic part of the apartment. Something was going on because a lot of the patients were out and getting some diagnostics done or having fitness tested or some such thing. We were just going around them and trying to be aware of the various cleanliness rules there. Unfortunately one of the hallways we went through had someone in it who was bleeding. This meant we weren’t going through it at all, especially since I somehow got blood splattered up the leg of my white pants. Why I was in all white is beyond me, but it meant I couldn’t leave until I had a change of clothes so the staff could wash and bleach the pants for me. It was annoying, since I had to wait for Boyfriend to come back.

Meanwhile I walked around chatting with the patients including one who was in the chapel. I don’t know why I was back there and I think we talked about health and religion, but I don’t remember. Eventually TB comes back with clothes for me and I change so we can go to our apartment. Two of my friends IRL come to see us that night, and a toaster oven-like object appears. It seems to be some sort of time control device and I have no idea why it’s there or for what purpose, but it’s supposedly some Dr. Who object even though I’ve never seen such a thing on the show. I remember some voice saying that my friend would be jealous because it’s Dr Who, but she barely commented on it. It had all sorts of buttons and messages on it. I can’t remember what they said exactly which is annoying because it was important and encouraging.

The next day, or what I assume to be the next day (like three days passed in this dream or something) we went back to the clinic side. Some sort of ruckus was going on, lots of talking and activity, then all of the sudden it was an impromptu wedding between two of the female patients. I’ve no clue what was going on at that point. I woke up soon after that.


4 thoughts on “A Long and Strange Dream

  1. No idea what the rest of your dream might mean, but the black keyboard with small screen reminded me of the old Alphasmart coputers I had in school. It’s basically a keyboard with a small screen, made only for typing documents. YOu should look into them, see if they match what you saw

    • one of the examples does look quite a bit like the keyboard in my dream, but I’ve never seen one of those things before so I have no idea what the significance is or why it showed up in my dream

      • Maybe it has something to do with communication? You can’t play games on an alphasmart, that I’m aware of at least. What does the act of typing mean to you? Do you remember any of what you were typing? Maybe look for clues there?

      • unfortunately words and dialogue are the first to go when I wake up from a dream. Unless it was incredibly clear or close to when I actually awoke and I thought about it then I forget. Typing is something I do regularly, I do most of my writing on a computer and prefer texting over phone calls. Typing as an act is mostly a form of communication or an outlet for inner thoughts. I think the fact I had it in the dark and was trying to type when I couldn’t see (and then was approached by a creeper) could mean something, but I have to think about what

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