You know, I’ve been thinking lately about how I can give more attention to Aset. I get the feeling She’s waiting around for the right time, which is understandable since I did ask Her into my life for a very specific purpose. Namely, teaching me. You see, She’s a mother and a wife, and damn good at both jobs might I add and I want Her to teach me to be good at both jobs as well. Thing is, I’m not close to either job yet. But She showed up anyway instead of telling me to buzz off til I’m actually there. I appreciate that and want to do something to show that to Her. I will be abuggin all three of my deities for any petitions or requests they might have, but I really want to give Aset some special attention or something. I mean, She’s the only goddess around so far at the very least lol

But seriously, any suggestions? I feel like She will be very special and important, especially when it comes time for my wife and mom lessons to start and She’s probably gonna be waiting around for a couple years before that. I just feel like I don’t give Her enough attention and want to do something that can be done long term as well as short term to show that I am appreciative.

I was thinking I could make Her something through crochet or perhaps beading or something. Maybe the prayer beads I want to make can be for Her. Another of my e-friends suggested dedicating cooking and baking to Her as well and I think I will do that, along with other household chores and such. Gotta get used to that stuff right? You know, just to be an adult, much less a more traditional wife and mom (it’s how I was raised, and I kinda like it that way so yeah). I dunno, it’s a start right?


16 thoughts on “Aset

  1. Don’t forget that Aset is a queen also. While the royal aspect can obviously affect the wife and mother ones, it’s also a way to look at adulthood in general. How would a queen, i.e. a mature and classy (and clever!) lady, handle situations? I think Aset is a great role model for that sort of thing.

    • hmm, you know I didn’t think of things that way! I think that would be a good thing, but I guess She must be waiting for me to be ready for all that or moving out or something. It’s hard to do anything when no one treats you like an adult so…I have a lot to learn from Her I think

  2. From what I understand from her devotees, Aset seems to appreciate offerings that were obtained at expense or with great effort.

    Have you also *told* her you’re grateful for the attention? XD I imagine you have. Just a little tongue-in-cheek crud right there. Perhaps you could ask Aset if there’s anything in particular she’d like you to work on?

    • I’m working on that right now actually lol I dunno what might qualify as great effort though, it depends on my mood for various chores and such, but who knows. I’ll ask and see what I get. And I knew you’d comment on this, it was foretold in my brainspace rofl

      • Great effort, I would guess, would be something time-consuming or otherwise difficult for you to accomplish well. The time and dedication it takes is just as important as the result.

        Lol. You must be psychic! 😉

      • this is true I imagine. well, I asked Her about it, we’ll see what I get I suppose? and nah, not psychic, more like I knew what I was writing and you always respond to be awesome and helpful and make me feel not so silly and noobish lol :3

      • well I suppose in this context I’m not silly, but don’t think I’m not silly lol and I got some sort of response but I’ve no idea what to make of it

    • not gonna bother with magic til I have my own place. my mom just asked me the other day if I was going Wiccan on her because I have one book on scrying and she thinks it’s too close to witchcraft. How she got to Wiccan when I don’t she knows a damn thing about Tameran Wicca is beyond me. I made sure to comment that Wiccans aren’t the only witches and they aren’t evil. She said she knew and left it alone, but I find myself wanting to bang my head against the wall over the questions she asks. Better than my dad calling me up freaking out over chanting and whatnot from some insane website that misrepresents Kemetism

      • It’s difficult to work with family members when it comes to religions. I find it best to shut down those conversations with as terse a response as possible.

      • yeah, I just gave the answer and left it at that. I’m still reading the book. To her scrying is witchcraft, but really I’m just looking for an easier way to “hear” my gods since I don’t have a fancy book for any of them to speak through or anything. I don’t bother with my grandmother either, her being passive aggressive a lot doesn’t make me more inclined to try either.

      • I try, at least they can reasonably get through in my dreams, though when I have a harsh wake up I forget T-T really mad about that, it was almost completely dialogue and that always vanishes first from my dream recall

      • nah a lot of talking happens in my dreams, and writing too. they would provide a lot of context and clues to meaning if I could remember most of what is said and written in my dreams.

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