I am a feminist. Spread this and bring back real feminism!

Breaking Away From Modern Feminism

I’ve had the opportunity to write a paper for English class that I have been wanting to write since we started reading the feminist ridden book The Chalice And The Blade. My thoughts on a corner of Gender Roles/Equality.

I chose to expand upon my previous blog entry “Let’s Talk Sex…ual Revolution.” I mean, the Sexual Revolution did bring about a lot of change that benefited women (contrary to Gloria Steinem’s inane comments). However, it has indeed kinda screwed men over.

The biggest thing that I wanted to touch upon was the disparity between the rights of women over their bodies, and men’s rights over theirs. The more and more I tried to find statistics, information, anything, I was stonewalled. Apparently there are none. Look for women’s rights and such pages and pages and pages. Look for a man and you get nothing except an auto correct to…

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