Raging Prayer

Oh Set,



Oh powerful one of Ra

lend me your ears and strength.

I feel rage, boiling powerful rage.

Rage that seeks to destroy

to kill.

It wants to destroy all that is breakable

and kill everything that lives

including itself.

And under it is sorrow

and pain.

Bind it, oh Lord of Chaos,

tame it as you tame the dark each night.

Beat its head

crush it beneath your heel.

Take this snake of isfet,

demolish it as you would Apep.

Destroy it with your hands

rend it with the power in your arms.

This rage is not lovely,

it strangles its own righteousness,

bring it to Ma’at,

give it to Sekhmet.

Let it be brought to a rage of justice.

Oh Lord of the Unexpected,

take this unexpected thing and let it be used for holiness.

Let it be a shield against harm, let it be a shield against myself.

For this rage is not wholly good,

it has flaws that it hates

and makes it all grow larger.

Let this fire be one of higher purpose

and not merely destruction and pain.

Set, my god, guide me in the use of this rage

let it be a thing of ma’at

do not let it be consumed by isfet.

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