Writing Stories about Gods is Hard

So, yesterday I was inspired for writing by a picture I saw on DeviantArt. I was on there looking for pictures of Anpu and found some unique ones including the one that inspired my writer’s brain. However, there are a lot of things I am struggling with about writing a story about my gods. Even if it’s not meant to be an offering (it probably won’t be) I’m still concerned about offending the Jackal. I think it would be easy to ask Him to approve of the plot, but as it stands I don’t really have the full plot fleshed out in my mind and I don’t know what to tell Him.

And this is ignoring the logistical problems of writing a story with heavy deity involvement. I mean, deities are powerful beings. You have to remember that every step or you risk making the plot bad. You have to consider how does their power affect the plot? How does it affect their decisions and the decisions of other characters? What if you want the deity to be the main character? Now their power really affects the plot. Do you take it away? How will that affect the plot? Do you let them keep it? Well that has its own problems as well, because then how do you challenge them? What sort of storyline must you create to be realistic and challenging to them as characters?

Then there are things like personality to consider. What do they normally behave like? What do their decision making skills look like? How do they react to various situations? How would their personality affect their reaction if their powers were stolen? For instance, say a deity is known for being somewhat rash and hot-tempered, how would that affect what would happen if they were angered but had no powers? Then another thought, when would it be proper or realistic for them to act contrary to their natures? Instead of exploding and starting a fight, is this a good time to step back and let something go? Is that reaction realistic? Necessary?

I suppose these concerns are normal for any character, especially since deities are just as multidimensional as us mortals, but it’s still something a little different because of their vast strength and influence. Especially if one wants to let them have their abilities or restrict it. And then there’s the thought about involving other pantheons and how would they interact and good heavens what if those deities get offended even if yours aren’t? Yeah, the last thing I want or need are some angry gods knocking on my head like wtf are you doing there?

I dunno, I presented the super general idea to Anpu and what pieces and scenes I had in my head and He doesn’t seem to be opposed to it. I didn’t get any negative impressions or anything. Perhaps He’s neutral on it (I doubt it, but who knows). Argh figuring out what they approve of is hard. I need to turn the volume on my godphone up and put like, special buttons on it or something. Alright, I’m done whining now lol


8 thoughts on “Writing Stories about Gods is Hard

    • thank you! I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog. I would like to hear more about your adventures with Him as well, cuz I’m looking for more people to learn from with respect to Him :3

  1. *cheers you on*

    Deity logistics in a story aren’t as tough if you challenge said deity with something/somebody equal in power, or at least in cleverness. It happens all the time in mythology. :3 You’ll do just fine.

    Are ya going to post your story(ies) whenever you get done with them? *is too nosy tonight lol*

    • well then the concern becomes what or who shall be that challenge? what if I decide to do the power take away way ray? How would I do that? and no, I likely won’t post my story, mainly because I don’t want anything stolen. However if you agree to be my ear bug and inspire*ahemnag* me to write more I’ll be happy to send it to you

      • *nags* 😀

        The challenge should be equal to or greater than the one challenged. That’s vague but think about stories in mythology, and not just Kemetic stories. What challenges have other deities faced? How did they resolve them, if at all? Are these challenges ongoing? What happens if the deity(ies) in question fails in any way?

        Taking away the powers is harder. You could make up a story that has the powers focused in an object that gets stolen or broken. Or, if the story takes place in our world, you could go the “gotta be careful with the powers so the mortals don’t freak out” path. You could even use reasoning a la Zeus and Semele (she wanted to see Zeus in all his divine power and glory and ended up a pile of ash).

        It’s possible to downplay the powers somewhat. For example, Anpu’s got plenty of magic, but perhaps his magic is more useful toward funerary/rejuvenation applications (or curses, if you go for Roman stuff) and so won’t be useful everywhere.

      • good ideas, good ideas. I guess the problem is that I really have no idea where I want the story to go. I have bits and pieces of scenes and plot but no real cohesion or direction. And I can’t decide what the challenge might be yet since I largely want this to be in the ether than on earth. I might do a fling to earth part though. Who knows, I’ll figure it out.

      • It might be worth trying to loosely bind all those scenes together, along with the pieces of the plot, and see if you have form a cohesive story. Try laying things out on notecards. You may be surprised. 🙂

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