Set in My Dreams

Last night I had a very interesting dream. It started out with crocodiles and experiments that I and my two friends (I don’t know who they were, I feel like they were common characters from my writing) were running. I remember it being in a warehouse, and we had two of them, a huge male and a smaller female. I remember the large male being tied up and suspended from the ceiling above the massive pool we were observing the female in. I have no idea what we were doing but it wasn’t hurting them, they were just scared.

Eventually the female gets loose and we have to go chasing after her into the large field/heath/place around the warehouse. And we come across this massive snow and rock monster instead. It was a danger to us and our crocodile, so we started fighting it. At some point we were trying to figure out a way to defeat it because our weapons weren’t really working. Somehow the word “navel” came up and I was like what?! All I could think of was belly buttons and of course that makes no sense. Then a smaller tree monster came by and watched us and then wrote/chiseled the word on a rock.

The female friend started saying that must be the clue, because the tree monster had seen us and came over to help and to soothe us. I have to point out that soothe was the specific word used here and it was important. “He came by to be helpful and soothing, so he gave us the answer on the rock.” The male friend and I pondered this clue. Navel in reference to belly button couldn’t be correct, that left the fruit. And we asked.

“Do you mean the fruit? Like the orange?”

“What about apples?” (Don’t ask me why, that was the question the friend asked)

Apples are fine, but navels are best. (I have no idea, it wasn’t a voice per se, it may have been the friend, but I don’t think so).


Apples are fine, but navels are best.

“I’m gonna assume the orange then.”

Whatever, we got an answer, but how was fruit gonna help us defeat an ice monster? Then all of the sudden we were in my grandmother’s dining room like something straight out of Rugrats. Either way the ice monster was still there, sitting in a chair on the other side of the table. I know the female friend was gone at this point. But, the next thing I had in my mind was to find a blog post. A post about Set, that wasn’t written by me but referenced a post of mine, was the important thing that would lead to the defeat of the monster. This blog post was “mentioned” while we were fighting the creature in the field as well, but the fruit thing kinda took over.

However, we still trying to figure out how to get away from the monster to get to my Kindle so I could find the blog post. Whatever it said I knew it was about Set and His personality and interacting with Him. I feel like He was there, in the dining room, watching me. Something about make a distraction, but I was like how? I have no fruit and just rocks and a gun that I know doesn’t work. Try. So I threw a stone and when that didn’t work my friend and I shot at it, causing it to flinch and I made a break for it.

I found the blog post and there was a comment on my piece of post quoted in the one I was reading. It was basically “OH GODS…THE JACKALS…AND SET! OH GODS SET! SUCH TROLLS” There was other stuff there in the comment, but it wasn’t in caps and I couldn’t read it. Whatever right? But then my mom’s alarm went off, waking me up partially.

I roll over and go back to sleep and now I see a statue of Set that I had seen in a store earlier in the day. It was so clear and obvious and I stared at it for a while. Then I was in the room where my plants are at my grandmother’s house and I was breaking up the soil my oregano was in. Now, I’ve meant to do this for a while because it’s compacted and not absorbing water very well, but I’m also profoundly worried that I’ll damage the roots and hurt it, even if I’m careful. But in the dream I’m doing just that, breaking it apart extremely carefully because I don’t want to kill it.

Next was some weird fuzziness and I asked “you make it seem like that plant and honey are so important.” Now, the plant actually had a name (and a picture!) but I started thinking about the honey and libating it and what kind, but as a result I lost the name of the plant which made me upset. I was wracking my brain over it until a voice told me to quit it because it wasn’t that deep. So, I went with mint because of the image in my head of the plant, but I’m still him-hawing over it. Either way I offered tea with honey and He said no, the honey is more important and should be separate, but tea was fine too.

I also had the thought that I was being trolled, LITERALLY from the monsters. But, I seem to have gotten some ideas here about things to offer to Set. All I know from this dream is navel oranges are best, apples are ok, there’s a plant that means something but isn’t life changingly important and honey is an important offering. Can anyone tell me if honey or mint or similar plants are historical offerings or should I just be UPG LET”S GO?


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