Cleaning for the Gods

So, in my last post I mentioned having been commanded by a deity, who I assume to be Aset considering my half sleep response to her, to clean before I came back to shrine. Now, I haven’t been in shrine in a while, partly because I like privacy when I’m in shrine and hardly get it, partly because I’m lazy and partly because my room is a mess. When you share a room with a baby and sister it’s not exactly easy to keep things neat. However, I got the command and decided to do it, even though there were times I wanted to go in beforehand. I did the cleaning today, since I still had off of work today. It was nice and incredibly tiring. Bathroom is clean, plenty of trash was thrown out, summer clothes are away, clean laundry is away, sheets are changed, floor is vacuumed, books and papers are organized and away, yarn is away. My half of the room looks great (and since most of the storage space is on my side, I’m very proud of myself). Sister’s side, not so much. It makes me self conscious to say the least, if I were to go into shrine only half the room is clean. And I know it’s not my fault or responsibility, but still.

Anyway, now I have no idea what to do next. I don’t know if I’ve really met everything She asked for me to do. I think I have, but I don’t want to be wrong and get in trouble, getting swatted isn’t exactly my idea of a good time ya know? Not to mention I have no idea what to bring to shrine for Aset, or what I should be expecting once I get there. Who knows, I guess I’ll see. Maybe I can get Sister to clean her half.


21 thoughts on “Cleaning for the Gods

  1. You could see if you can get sis to clean the other half, or you could try cleansing the room for an extra layer of clean.

    Worst comes to worst, give it a few days and see if she says anything. if she doesn’t, you’re likely okay to go (in my exp at least)

      • You can always go to shrine first. If you want to be super ass kissy ( 😛 ) bring offerings of some sort with you. If you srsly cleaned, you shouldn’t have to worry about her going cray cray on you.

      • what do I bring XD I don’t know much about Aset besides the myths between Her and Ausir. I certainly don’t know what to bring her for an offering. The only thing I’ve heard is She’s not big on sweets like Anpu or Set

      • Eh, anything traditional. Aset has ties to grain and bread making. So if you have a slice of bread and some water, you’d probably be good to go. I’ve heard she likes sweets from some folks *shrug*. Alcohol is also another good idea. Anything you have on hand. The effort of bringing her something is really the focus here.

      • no booze in the house and about six days away from being 21 lol I do have fresh baked bread my mom made though :3 I was thinking bread, but I didn’t want her to feel less catered to if the gods get something, i dunno, less plain?

      • Bread is one of the staples of antiquity. When she came to me a long long long time ago- that’s what she asked for. Bread. The fact that it’s fresh home made bread seems even better to me. In my house, she only gets one thing from me- the loaves of bread I bake. Seems like a nice gesture in my eyes.

      • I think it takes a lot to offend the gods. You’re doing your best, and you’re just starting out. I think that gives you lee way. :3 Plus, netjeru don’t seem to offend easily.

      • Quite the relief to hear that :3 I get nervous easily (ANXIETY FTW- that’s fuck the what btw, not for the win lol) and I have a bit of a compulsive side and perfection complex. I’m sure you understand XD tea, toast and cupcakes then lol

      • Sounds like a winning plan. :3

        I understand anxiety. I’ve got a problem with that from time to time. It can be nerve wracking when you start out. but eventually you’ll get into the flow of it, and you won’t have to worry so much 😛 You’ll have to let me know how the offerings go over.

      • Well, I still feel so awkward cuz I don’t know what to do with myself in shrine. I don’t know what to say, or how to say it, how to offer or anything, don’t know any gestures or any of that. I feel so boring and sacrilegious and stuck! Can you say yay for beginner’s and winging it? At least Anpu is kind enough not to laugh at me when He lets me know I’m fine lol Anyway, I got home and was actually alone today, so I did the offerings. I think it went well, no obvious feelings of rejection at least from Aset. Anpu is happy He got cookies, as is Set lol

      • It’s okay, when I first started to go into shrine, I sat there and rattled on about my life. And cried. That was the bulk of it. It took time for me to iron out a standard method of doing daily rites. So no worries. We all have a learning curve 🙂

      • well, it wasn’t really weird, I want Her help being a better girlfriend and eventually wife and mom. Though I don’t know why Her still. Usually I think of Bast and Hwt-Hwr first. But when I went for help Aset was who popped up. And apparently, my sister had a dream about Her at the start of the month O.O

      • Weird is probably a bad choice, something more like “darndest” would probably be better.

        Aset is a mother. She is also a wife. She’s the dutiful wife. She knows about staying with a man when shit hits fan, so in a way- she really knows what that all entails, I would suppose. The mere fact that you didn’t think of her first, yet she is who you ended up going to could be a form of validation that you’re not making this stuff up… for what that may be worth.

      • lol I’m learning to recognize when Crazy is talking and inserting doubt and panic and when I’m being normal. Today I had one of those moments, in shrine in fact, while talking to Anpu. Got the panicked feeling that I was withdrawing, and worse He was withdrawing and that this wasn’t working and I should leave and look elsewhere, but I didn’t want to do that (coincidentally the same thought pattern I get with the Boyfriend) and then I was like, no, that’s silliness, because when I’m calm I know exactly how I feel about Anpu and the Boyfriend and that is love and affection and commitment and that is what I feel from them. And then when I walked out of shrine the sharp memory of Anpu answering a prayer popped right into my mind lol so yeah, I calmed down a lot.

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