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Roars are for Chumpchange

I want you to know now, the title is completely nonsensical. I expect you to realize that, but just in case, it’s not supposed to make sense lol So, got back into the paying attention to my god thing. Yeah, I totally got chastised too, Anpu didn’t say anything, but I definitely felt a massive amount of annoyance that I made a big fuss and then kinda ignored Him for a while. Can’t say much, I’m totally in the wrong for that one. I also had a distinct feeling that He was also angry over something completely unrelated to me. Still a little curious about it, but I really don’t have much desire to ask. Got a replacement Shadowscapes deck, this one seems more likely to actually like me. I was thinking maybe I could use them to communicate with Anpu better. I doubt it would hurt, though I suppose the next question would be how would I know I’m doing it right XD Either way I plan to dedicate it to Anpu anyway, what harm could it do, He’s a liminal deity :3

My sleep patterns aren’t getting any better, in fact they’re worse, seeing as how I woke up at 4pm today. I’m not happy about that at all and honestly the craptastic sleep is not restful and is making me feel less connected to reality. And have a headache. The dream I had was also very strange. It started with me in Philly, talking to my mom about being bored and my deciding to make a day trip to Baltimore, Maryland. Now, this is ignoring that in real life I a) don’t have a car (and I didn’t in the dream either, I think I took the train or something) and b) would never make a day trip like that by myself. Also, this dream was set in winter, while it’s not even cold here yet.

So, I go to Baltimore and revisit some streets and such that I’ve seen before (I have actually been to Baltimore and DC. I was actually in DC, not Baltimore, but I kinda do conflate the two a teeny bit). I was looking for a street in particular that I liked being on IRL, but couldn’t find it. Instead I found a coworker (who I had read on the internet in my dream had moved there) rather unexpectedly. She was in a park-like area that I was passing through and I said hi and talked with her. She told me that she didn’t move there but found a job there, though she still lived in Philadelphia. I was shocked that she made a three hour trip to work every day and she said that for her it was only an hour. She didn’t know why, it just was. I decided to go with her to her job which wasn’t far away, along with six of her coworkers who all got into her car. Now, in real life this person’s car is a four door sedan, not a sedan on the outside, eight seats on the inside like her dream car was.

The ride was a bit tight because we all were wearing winter coats and I was cold too. We somehow got on the topic of soup and continued the discussion when we all got out at the destination. I walked around with them, looking into the classrooms (they are all teachers) and exploring the school they worked in before I decided I really should go and get to where I had wanted to before going home. My coworker offered to give me a ride back to Philly when she was done work and I accepted. Now, for some reason, Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory was there, and he was fussing about that offer and the soup conversation we had had as well as the agreed time I should be back. I was talking about lentil bean soup, potato soup, or mixed vegetable soup to have and then Sheldon said I should be back by six. One of the other women said something about why that was a bad idea, I don’t remember what, and he was like “fine, eight then”. I looked at my watch to see that it was already six o clock anyway.

I turned to leave, thinking about how to make the ride back more comfortable, especially since I wanted to eat soup in the car, when I saw two men dressed like gladiators of sorts coming towards me, followed by monsters. I don’t know what they were, don’t really care, it wasn’t in focus anyway and they weren’t scary. I know, I know, I say monsters and then comment on how unscary they were.  The dream focuses on them coming towards me, away from the magically appearing river at the bottom of the hill I and the school were on. I think I followed them, but I’m not sure.

The gladiators turn back towards the river, they were trying to get away from something and go home. I don’t know what the something was (it wasn’t the monsters, though I’m also not sure why the monsters were following them either) or why they were trying to get away from it. I just know the gladiators were tired and trying to go home. They have this raft/boat thing and get in the river, which was cold and rough. Eventually they capsize and are trying to hold on tight to their sinking boat and they hit a large sandbar with trees and rocks. The bigger gladiator grabs his friend and manages to get both of them on the bank only to find that his friend is dying.

Hypothermia and an infection coupled together are killing the other gladiator and have allowed him to get “possessed” and turned into a monster. The bigger gladiator doesn’t know what to do, he can’t save his friend, but he wants to try. He leaves the other to finish crossing the river and find help, but the friend dies and turns into the monster. I don’t know what it’s called, it was repeated several times in the dream, but I lost it when I woke up. Anyway, he looks “normal” but he has blue skin, wings and a tail and probably small horns. Later in the dream I find out he can turn into a snake.

So, his friend comes back to find that he’s already transformed into a monster and is very upset and leaves again, going home at the angry behest of his now monstrous friend. I really have no idea what’s going on after this, since I usually lose dialogue when I wake up. The gladiator goes home, which is strangely modern, but still temple-like (and I’m pretty sure there’s hieroglyphs on the walls O.o). Some scenes include being in his personal room with a female who I think may be afraid he’ll rape her even though he has no intention or desire to harm her in any way. Then going back into a large room with a small bath (it’s somewhat jacuzzi like in that it’s recessed into the floor and has a decorative wall around it and lights in it) ministaircase leading to the majority of the space, and several doors leading to different parts of the structure. The gladiator and woman are talking about something, probably trying to gain her trust and assure her that he’s not a threat as well as explaining his current pains, like losing his friend.

Said friend appears from nowhere as a large snake, not a cobra though. I don’t think he was venomous, but he was there and was angry. He chastised the gladiator for leaving him behind to die and lamented his horrid fate, which the gladiator felt awful for. They had a productive conversation though and I woke up soon after as they argued some more.

Why can’t I have normal dreams like falling off a building or flying or something? At least I could figure out what the fuck they mean >.>