Why people, why?

Ya know, lots of people get all up in arms when someone disrespects them, their god(s) or their beliefs and yet they do it to others. Why? Why is it ok to ridicule or be disrespectful of other’s gods? Why is it ok to tell someone their god will smite them and the other god too and that they worship demons and falsehood (ignoring the obvious bullshit in saying a demon is helping someone a better person. like really there’s no logic to that). Why is it ok to tell a serious questioner looking for info on worshiping Anpu that they should mummify a live person or find a dead body? What makes it acceptable to a person to post a question, pretending to be Anpu asking “why doesn’t anybody worship me anymore?” and what the fuck makes it reasonable and funny to post things like “because you’re boring/suck/don’t exist” as an answer? Why? What makes it logical to say that worshiping Him is ridiculous, nonsensical and pointless because He is “a death deity” as if nothing else about Him exists outside of that role and therefore He is not someone you should ask for help? Why is He so irrelevant exactly if He’s also a deity of rebirth and fertility? Why is it really so shocking that someone might want to worship Him? Why can’t He be the “right god to ask for guidance”? How can you say with such certainty that most “kids” worship Him because He looks cool? Like really… Now I know why I don’t use google and instead rely on asking questions on The Cauldron.


Anpu, I don’t care what those pricks say, even though it really upsets me that anyone would say such awful things. You’re totally awesome and I love you. But please, I really need your help to get to know you, because apparently I’m not gonna have an easy time doing it through earthly resources, since even scholarly works focus on your duties as a chthonic deity to the exclusion of everything else. You’re relevant to my life, help me out?


7 thoughts on “Why people, why?

  1. My levels of anger were increased with each line I read. It’s absolute MADNESS to tell people to find a dead body or to mummify one and as for the posting as Him, that’s just abhorrent.
    He has always been a Guide to me first and foremost. And since He came into my life everything has turned to the positive. He’s ever so kind and patient. I’ve worked with and for Him for years, He’s absolutely lovely and I’m sure He will give you the guidance that you need.
    In the meantime, here’s a (good) resource for you to check out and get you started:
    http://www.per-sabu.org/ – this deals with the Jackal Deities of ancient Egypt.
    As for books, see if you can find this: http://www.amazon.com/Egyptian-Mythology-Goddesses-Traditions-Ancient/dp/0195170245

    I can also recommend try light Him a candle (He likes black, gold, silver and white ones), perhaps anointed with a sweet oil (such as myrrh, amber – dark, musky essences) and present Him a small offering (He loves his strong beer and sweet pastries!) and just pray from your heart. And you can always meditate with black obsidian, I find it facilitates communication 🙂

    Best of luck, may He bestow His endless blessings upon you.

  2. Dunno if you’ll see this Kallista, like if wordpress will alert you, because i’m on my phone and it’s a dick. Anyway, I guess things i’m looking for information-wise would be just more info on Him, what He’s like, what His day job is so to speak. Ya know besides the obvious stuff. How He was worshipped in olden times (stuff from Hardai would be a huge plus) both in temples and, if manageable, in the populace. Also, how do modern practitioners worship Him? What do they do, how do they hear Him. Stuff like that. I’m in the must learn everything so I can see as big a picture as possible phase and I feel it would help me connect. Also, sorry for the wall o text, phone doesn’t know what a line break is. Anyway, I need a new candle for Him anyway, though lighting it tends to be tricky, I share a room with my sister and nephew and my grandmother doesn’t like candles or their smoky scent (i however love the smoky scent of a snuffed candle). I have offered Him toast, fruit and smoothies and pastries and they do go over quite well! As i’m not 21 yet or a particular fan of beer we may have to compromise on the liquor XD thanks for your help :3

  3. Ok, for the olden times I’ll have to take some time to put up a list of resources because my notes are a bit disorganized so I’ll have to get back to you on that.
    As for modern practitioners I must say it depends on the practitioner. The Gods don’t always show the same Face to all their followers – although I must say I have encountered many many similarities between what I’ve personally learned and experienced with Anubis, Seth and Thoth, and what other have experienced with Them.
    My personal worship involves tending his statue, daily offerings and devotionals, prayer (I’ve actually written a few prayers to Him myself, even published a couple on my blog), He’s helped me with tapping into the Otherworld (through various techniques), He appears in my dreams and visions (I do vision work quite often). It’s a lot to talk about really because it’s a way of life and I can’t even speak about some aspects of it because it’s so intensely personal.
    All I can say is try not to rush it. And always keep in mind He might not, after all, be the right Guide for you (it happens, nothing to be upset or sad about), although He does listen to people’s call, especially those who need Him. Just approach Him with love and trust. And when you have His attention, you will know it 🙂

    • take your time and thank you :3 so, would you mind telling me a little about your daily devotionals? I don’t know much about it or how to go about using or making one, same for prayers. I’m still used to the Christian way of prayer I was taught.

      Don’t know anything about the Otherworld, or about accessing it or whether I want to honestly. Same with vision work. At best they unnerve me, at worse it’s outright scary.

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