Thoughtful Dreams

I still can’t sleep without medicine at night. I don’t know what the problem is, but it really needs to go away before my assignment starts. As such, I haven’t been having any dreams because that’s just what Benadryl and other drugs do to you, they either erase dreams entirely or give you really screwball ones (as an example, the first anti-depressant I tried had me dreaming of phone calls and talking in my sleep so loudly and extensively that I woke myself up). I managed to remember we have melatonin supplements in the cabinet and I took that instead. While it did take like two hours to really affect me, I was able to sleep and actually dreamt.

The dream was kinda awkward, something about school and then stuff, I haven’t thought about it most of the day so I lost stuff. But I do remember going to “church” with my mom. We were having a mild disagreement about something and were going to a seminar of some kind that had to do with church. I don’t know who was talking at the pulpit and I don’t really care either. He was saying something about religion and salvation and then a song from church popped in and was there until after I had woken up and been that way for an hour. Another dream stepped in, this one about spirits and demons, but not demons who were there to hurt me, spirits and demons who were there to help me. I’m not sure how to characterize it.

My first thoughts were maybe part of my brain wanted to go back to Christianity (it’s possible since I didn’t leave with negative feelings towards the religion itself, just the setup where approval by humans is required to get in). The other thought was maybe YHWH was trying to get me back. Who knows, can’t really extrapolate a deity’s thoughts on anything. That last one stuck with me more than the first thought though. I’m really not sure what was with the spirit and demon though, I had crafted a story in my mind before I went to bed about a highly sensitive teenager (like, very clairvoyant and mediumistic, talented at scrying and reading auras, and doesn’t enjoy it in the least bit, especially when other kids ask him to do seances and shit) and quite frankly the “me” at that part of the dream was my main character (yeah it’s easier for me to craft stories as that person being me, I write a lot of first person as such). I honestly cannot be sure though. Unfortunately I just don’t remember enough detail for that sort of breakdown.

Perhaps I’ll have another strange dream tonight, that seems to be the theme for the last couple of weeks, strange dreams with profound hidden meanings. I actually have got along with my mother recently so I am rather curious what’s up with her popping into my brain space, she usually isn’t there. Whatever, I’ll just see what comes up by the morning.


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