The fuck is this?

So I had a new dream last night, starring me, Sister, Boyfriend and one of my other friends. Main theme? Drug abuse apparently! I have no idea what was up with that shit. I was in the house playing a game and trying to find something related to something else lol but at a certain point I go into the kitchen and see Boyfriend and another friend tucking snorting coke. Like, WHAT?! Like at first they were just looking at and talking about it and I came in and was like “wtf is this shit” and they’re like leave us alone we’re adults. And the rest of the dream really revolved around this situation and trying to stop it. I don’t even know.


2 thoughts on “The fuck is this?

  1. Maybe it is an internalized fear, but I think it is more likely just the regular fears that can some from loving people and then not being able to protect them from everything including themselves.

    My first instinct is not to take the drug use as anything but a symbol for a poor decision people make over which the observer has no control. It’s such a common one on the modern world that IMO it is iconic for poor choices. Still, I tend to think it isn’t about worrying that someone is going to make a poor choice so much as not being able to do anything about it if they do. And that frustration does have a silver lining in that it would never be felt if love was not present.

    A kind of spin off silver lining is that at least useless worry is not a part of your waking state, you know? If it has to be done, better it be done at a time when it doesn’t interfere with daily living.

    • the reason I’m so WTF over this is because I know it’s a symbol. The Boyfriend doesn’t even drink by himself so why would he literally get into something like that? The thing is I haven’t been worried. These dreams all started the same time my brain went “F YOU!” over my sleep patterns and decided that sleeping at night was for sissies. I don’t know what this one could possibly be trying to tell me.

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