I be a ponderin’ some things. I came to thinking about this by reading other’s posts and bringing back an old thought. And that thought was “WHY DO I HAVE SET ON THE BRAIN?!?!” I thought at first that maybe said deity of desert and chaos was trying to get my attention for Himself. When I did a small ritual for Him, I didn’t get much of an answer, perhaps more like a “no, not you, you already belong to someone” sort of vibe. I know He was there but more of a “gee thanks” with just as much genuine thanks as scathing sarcasm lol I’m really not sure what’s going on here, but I started thinking, what if He’s near me and on my brain because He’s looking for someone else? Perhaps I’m close to someone who’s attention He wants? I feel like that’s pretty much it, though I could just be picking worms and throwing them at you. I’m not sure here, it’s not like He’s forthcoming with the information.

Who knows, but I do know this, Anpu is awesome. I was glad to come across this one blog and it has hymns and such (modern :D) for the Netjer. It only has one for my beloved Anpu, but it sounds good and I may print the lyrics and learn the song. I love singing to Them and I’m not one for song writing, so finding someone else who has done it is great. I want to write another poem for Him too. I wish I could light His candle and one for Set, but the smoke tends to get trapped in the cubby despite the window behind it. No smoky room for me please. I also want to buy some oils, but I can’t afford them. Too bad, I’ll figure something out, it’s not like They don’t understand. Such a short post for me, but I’m basically done lol


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