My sister is an unemployed single mother and so was my own mother. I’m with Aubs on this, this is the subject that’ll make my vote


Yesterday, my cousin tagged me on a Facebook post that turned into a running debate about what was more important to voters, the economy or the abortion debate. First, I’d just like to say that I was pretty pleased that I was asked to back up my cousin. That really made my day and I was having a shitty day all day. The second thing I’m going to say is that, yeah, I’m going to talk politics for a bit.

Now, in specific, the commentary that ended up happening was that someone felt that all of us idiots who are talking about the abortion debate were in fact, massive idiots. I’m not going to directly quote here, but the gist was that we should be paying attention to the recession and we should be thinking about ways to actually fix said recession.

I’m not a huge history buff when it…

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