New Blog Name

I need a new blog name. The one I have comes from the fact I started with Wepwawet and Anpu as my chosen gods, but now that Anpu has become more prominent and the main focus and Wepwawet has stepped back, I need a new blog name. Not to mention I’m aware that I tend to make long titles rofl Any ideas or reflections? Although I’m politically inclined and happy to comment on such things, I’ve discovered that it’s really not worth it to rant and rave on my blog. Why? I’m not sure anymore, perhaps it’s going hand in hand with the changes I’ve felt to how my psyche works lately. I’ll get into that later, but basically random stuff, mundane stuff, dreams and religion (mine and perhaps, PERHAPS something going on in the wider world) will really be what this blog turns into and will probably stay. I need something more reflective of that and would appreciate ideas.


5 thoughts on “New Blog Name

  1. I don’t see how the current name doesn’t work. Sounds good to me, still. My original LJ name no longer fits me entirely, either. But I keep it because I’m lazy 😛

    • lol well half of it still refers to Wepwawet and I feel like since He left me to Anpu’s devices I should leave Him to His own lol and I just want to change it 😛

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