WTF Dreams?

Today and two days ago have hosted some very wackadoodle dreams. Two days ago I had this very strange dream where TB was just basically being a stereotypical egomaniacal jackass. TB is not even close to that sort of horrid personality. You know the sort, mean, nasty, makes cruel and crass jokes and pranks, thinks he was made as a gift to the universe? Yeah, Boyfriend is nothing like that, but in this dream he was and I have no idea why. We hadn’t had any sort of fighting that night or the night before, so I’ve no clue what prompted this dream. It was set in an unnamed foreign city, I was there for school and we were supposed to be going “home” to another foreign country by way of an extremely long cab ride. Like it was gonna be hours of driving. I remember a couple things about the school, but those are elements that have shown up before in dreams and are important in general but bear no significance to this dream. It was night outside when I left to meet TB and we walked through a park, all the while I was enduring this jackassery of his dream self. Like, this is out of character even for my dreams! He’s never like that in my other dreams with him in it. Usually he’s saving my ass and being my partner in crime as I do something strange related to an adventurous plot. Like, one dream he was a frikkin ghost and was the reason I was getting shit done. Now, that sort of heroic, leader, well planning character has everything to do with how I view him in real life, but he gives me good reason to do so. Anyway, this awkward dream starring him as Le Jackass ends with me in this sort of public art mini-maze because he’s making me frustrated.

Yesterday I spent the night with him and had another dream about him. The prevailing memory of this dream is about sex. I don’t know why, maybe I wanted it. There was a story line somewhere I swear, it just wasn’t what I remembered XD I don’t think there was anything particularly important or special about it other than several sex scenes, which weren’t all that vivid. I just know TB was back to his normal, kind loving self.

And today, during my nap, I had another dream about sex, but this time I wasn’t even in it, and no one who I knew was in it either. It started off with some fat guy in a kitchen with a skinny guy. He was repeating something very strange, I can’t remember exactly what it was but he was saying something like “I need mending” or something odd like that. And he kept repeating this as he essentially raped the skinny guy. It got worse from there as the dream moved through more people (all guys) I had never met, also doing very not nice sexual things to each other. The dream ended with this guy who seemed Mexican or Chilean or something, running a weird race that culminated in jumping off a dock into water that was deep in violation of the laws of physics. It was super clear too. The reason this race was strange though, was that it was people and horses racing each other. This guy, whatever nationality he was, ended up tripping and getting molested by a horse and they both ended up in the water. Now they both could breathe, but that wasn’t the real point, because a dolphin swam over from nowhere and raped the horse. Then everyone was left alone. The horse settled down, the dolphin swam away, though still within sight and the guy got out of the pool angrily. The horse ended up following him and tried to molest him again but the guy held him off by essentially masturbating it. All three were males. There was (angry) dialogue but I don’t know what it was, it had to do with the refs not stopping the horse, but otherwise I don’t know. I’m completely baffled by all of these dreams.


6 thoughts on “WTF Dreams?

      • But I’ve never had such a fear. My biggest fear is that I’ll screw everything up and he’ll leave. I’m not worried about him turning into a jerk. Either way, this dream was thoroughly out of the blue. It’s not like we had an argument or something

      • But I’ve never had such a fear. My biggest fear is that I’ll screw everything up and he’ll leave. I’m not worried about him turning into a jerk. Either way, this dream was thoroughly out of the blue. It’s not like we had an argument or something. That and my instinct is saying “neither of those is right”

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