In Praise of Wepwawet

This isn’t going to be like my Praise to Anpu post. I started to make one like it, ya know, whatever you might want to call it. I don’t think of it as poetry, much less a hymn or anything, but it’s there. Anyway, I was gonna make a post like that for Wepwawet, but it didn’t seem right. I even got a list of His epithets like I did for Anpu and maybe by the end of it I’ll come up with something. No, I’m just gonna talk about how awesome I think this particular jackal is.

When I started this Kemetic path, Wepwawet was right at the top with Anpu. I had read the wonderful site per-sabu and gotten pointed in the direction of the Jackals as great gods to know. But I think Wepwawet always had in mind to be a starting point instead of a long-term “patron”. Sort of an “I’ll be here for you if you really need it, but otherwise talk to Anpu.” So far I’m finding that to be the case. Anpu is here for the long term, Wepwawet is not. And I’m alright with that, because I actually haven’t been talking to Him that much lately anyway. Anpu kind of established Himself at the forefront of my brain and practice over the last week, week and a half and some goddesses stopped by and said hi, one of whom may or may not have been Tefnut. Or She’s saying hi in the inexplicable weather floating around. Who really knows with these beings eh? That and I’m quick to get over excited.

Nonetheless, Wepwawet has been very good to me. He’s a very humorous deity, and feeling His etheric chuckle is very interesting. It’s both amusing and annoying, since He’s often laughing at me instead of with me. Nonetheless, He didn’t whack me just because I was hyperactive and new and didn’t realize I wasn’t His. He’s a great deity to have around, I believe that thoroughly, and a great Heavenly Friend. I’ll miss Him, and He’ll still get offerings, but I know He’s not gonna be a big part anymore.


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