Praise to Anpu

To He who is In the West,

Who is upon His lofty mountain,

To the Magnificent Jackal blessed by Ra every evening

I sing praises to Thee.


To the One of the Embalming tent,

The One with a Powerful Face,

I bow to Thee every day.


Your teeth bleed the enemies of Ma’at

And Your jaws crush their bones to dust.

Evil cannot hide its scent from you

And Your strong arms crush the Chaotic Snake.


Ma’at is pleased with You always

And You are trusted to balance Her Scales

And be a witness to the Weighing of Hearts.

For you are called Master of the Scales

And He who unites with Ma’at.


It is by Your hands that bodies are bound together,

And by Your power bodies are remade,

Through Your blood the Ba has a place to return

And nothing is missing from its corpse.


The Dead and Living are not lost with You,

Indeed, they find their way by Your directions

And cross the desert with Your blessing.


Let me pass your Horizon, mighty Anpu

And allow me to see Ra beyond it.

Grant me passage on Your Mountain

And keep my soul and body safe.


Guide my steps Lord of the Secret Places!

Guard my way as I pass through your Gates!

Do not let the demons harm me,

Bear witness that my heart is not fit for Ammit.


Who can say you are not beautiful?

Are you not called the Lord of Light?

Princes claim your titles

And You are one to be revered.


Others shall behold You,

And Your power never fades.

Were You not claimed Ausir’s son

For making His body whole?


Did you not help the mighty Aset to reassemble Her Beloved?

Wasn’t it You who lead Ausir’s funeral

And give Him what is due to a king?


You who are blessed by Ma’at,

Are all Your doings not approved by Her wisdom?

You are truly mighty Lord of Heaven and Earth!

May my words be pleasing to You, Lord of the West

and may I dwell in Your sanctuary forever.


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