Another Dream? Absolutely!

You all knew it would happen soon, a dream post. I haven’t had a particularly interesting dream in a bit, not one I cared to blog about, but this morning was different. As all who read my lengthy posts know, and def if you know me well, you know I have very cookaloo dreams. It provides for interesting discussions and gives people laughs (see Flying Brick Whale) and certainly makes me wonder what my brain is doing in there lol I’d like to point from the start that this was an uncommon dream where the perspective was almost entirely in first person as opposed to the usual third person.

Anyway, so this dream starts off strange (as normal lol) with me, my mother, TB and probably BGF and one of my Best Friends. I remember clearly TB and Mommy, and BGF is often in my dreams. Common wavelength with him, so it’s not abnormal for me to have the sense that he was there. We were in some sort of monster fighter training, specifically zombies and Ugly Werewolves. Yes, I do differentiate from the ugly creatures purposely created by Hollywood to be frightening and vulgar from the creatures attested to in myths and legends, most of whom are just as beautiful as true wolves (and in some case more dangerous and in other cases less dangerous). Ugly Weres are typically ridiculously destructive, bloodthirsty and dangerous, only some legends support such behavior, others don’t. Since true wolves and humans don’t universally display such behavior, I tend to go with the more realistic legends about behavior. That and I adore wolves and want to be one, but that’s a discussion for another day.

We’re fighting these zombies and Ugly Werewolves and they’re both real and fabricated (don’t ask about that, I know they’re not created from real humans, I’m not sure how they’re “fabricated”). We kill them, we get tips on finding good rooms to hide in from these creatures, how to beat them back and escape from hordes. Stuff like that. Then we leave and head to this sort of camp ground. We’re going there to find someone who can let us in to the…what was it called…I don’t know, but I feel like Dreamscape is pretty accurate at this point. Now, I often incorporate my city’s public transportation into my dreams if only because that’s how I travel everywhere in real life, this dream was no exception. Trolleys and trains, as per usual, warped to some odd way that doesn’t completely obliterate realistic-ness, but definitely does twist it out of reality. We used the trolleys and bicycles to get to this campy area and searched for the person who could help us.

We found two people, a man and a woman. The man was the head of the operation for allowing people into the Dreamscape and he was willing to help us because apparently the last people he let in were mistakes and now they wouldn’t leave. We wouldn’t die there, but it wasn’t any less dangerous, because we could get stuck there since it was a body and mind transference to another plane of existence and we could still be injured. The man introduces us to a woman, she’s a little nervous because she’s inexperienced at being a portal, but she goes for it. We’re in a tree btw, like the sort of thing from Harry Potter, a little room under the roots, made roomier by the tree being a steep-ish hillside. It had two chairs, a plaid blanket, a loom (or a broken wagon wheel), and a wooden, hand carved table with a lamp.

She goes into the trance and a portal appears above her head and we enter the Dreamscape. I’m still with my mother, TB, BGF and perhaps Sister, and we’re in a space station. That particular detail may be due to the movie Lockout that I watched two nights ago, but the room did look a lot like the one we were doing our zombie fight training in. We’re looking for soldiers and probably aliens who are anthropomorphic and we surely found them. Fire fight, running, more fighting, running, plotting and prioritizing. At a certain point, I’m not sure how this came about at all, I think I may have gotten up for the bathroom and the dream restarted when I went back to bed, but now the soldiers are pressing us back and they summon a dinosaur. You read that right, a dinosaur. An orange T-Rex at that. Somehow, here’s another fuzzy part, water starts rushing in. Nobody wants this water, we’re all in this corridor with a locked door and barriers in front of us, and water swirling in to flood and drown everybody.

Now, water, generally, means emotions in dreams. My brain actually holds to this particular generalization, and lately I’ve had issues with the dam bursting on my emotions. Like, hardcore (and for one particular example absolutely random) destruction of emotional control. Back to the dream, everybody is panicking and I’m trying to get the doors open. The water rushes forth and fills the hall, even pulling in the T-Rex. Right before it gets to me and my peeps, I manage to get a set of barriers closed. Now, this is where the realism cracks and the water doesn’t stop properly. It stops in mid flow, like taking a photograph of a wave about to break, behind this barrier, which is see through. I know the barrier won’t hold for long and just manage to get the doors open as the barrier breaks and the water flows harmlessly to the next room, freeing everyone and halting all the fighting.

I decide I’ve had enough and leave. No one stops me, in fact they urge me to go and take a break and breathe. I leave the Dreamscape, seeing the woman still in her trance with the portal open. I grab a bike and head outside where I see the full moon, which is definitely tied to waking hours seeing as how the moon was shining in my window watching me from my mirror as I fell asleep. I said to it “Hello Anpu, I really wish you were closer, I would appreciate that.” Then I blinked and suddenly that was exactly what it did. The moon got huge in the sky when I blinked and I felt a burning, shimmering, tingling, energizing warmth flow through my body like a shudder and some bourbon (and btw when I saw shimmering I don’t mean glowing or light). It was amazing power, and it was intense and very palpable. Normally sensations are “hollow” and willowy in my dreams if they’re there at all, especially since I’m a touch-oriented person. Other senses are more likely to get engaged in dreams. I’ve had a dream with an intense sensation like this before, and it was absolutely started by a spirit (My spirit guide to be exact) whom I actually physically saw when I got half awake for a moment because of how thoroughly strong the physical feeling of the dream was. I’ll post it later, I promise (unless I already talked about it somewhere lol).

As this power floated through me, I started to fly up into the air. I have mixed feelings about heights, especially as the energy got stronger and my anxiety got thrown in. I’m pretty sure the same break in dream awareness that happened in the other dream happened again, but for a much briefer time, like just a flash of black before the vivid dream was back. Something I’d barely notice, like a screen flicker or a flame flicker. I remember taking a deep breath as I got pulled higher into the air, the fiery energy intensifying and burning, but it wasn’t painful, it was electrifying. I can’t remember if I said anything, I’m pretty sure I didn’t, but there was a thought, I can’t remember, something about said Jackal’s power and I was dropped down, quickly but safely. I’m not sure what to make of this. I was relieved and disappointed at being put down, but I got back on my bike and headed for the trolleys.

I remember the moon disappearing from the dream after that. The trolleys were interesting because they were crossing tracks in a weird way. The trolley I was aiming for was further up the road while the one I came to was right in front of my face, but they both ran on the same track up to that point. There were train tracks in the distance, which I contemplated going for, if only because they crossed even further up the road, but I knew the trolley I wanted would get me closer to the house than the other trolley or train. It took me a few minutes to figure out which direction I was trying to go, but eventually I found it even though I was nearly assaulted and nearly run over by the other trolley. It wasn’t really that serious, more like people thought I was an easy target and backed down when witnesses and my weapon came out to party. I got on the trolley of my choice, a tad confused what I should do with the bike (which disappeared in a sense) and was calm and comfortable, looking at my hands over something and woke up soon after.

There’s the interesting dream of the week! I had more to say about other subjects, but I no longer feel like writing about them lol I’ll do another post later XD


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