Minty Fresh

A couple of things happened today that I’d like to talk about. First, I’m in pain >.> oh the joys of being a woman, as the month goes and the moon fades and grows, here comes the special flow -_- That’s one thing down. I’d also like to be proud of myself for making natron today. What’s natron you ask? Well it’s this stuff made of salt and baking soda, it’s a purifying substance found naturally in the desert near Egypt. To make it, you dump equal portions of said ingredients into 1.5x’s the amount of water (so, if you put in one cup of salt and one cup of baking powder, you put in three cups of water) and you boil it and stir. And stir. Keep stirring. Stir some more. Don’t stop cuz you’ve got about thirty more minutes to go. Until it rather suddenly goes blurble, bubble, gurgle, and it thickens to the consistency of oatmeal. Or however thick it gets by the time you turn the fire off after the startling transformation from irritating boiling liquid depositing a nice coat of salt and bicarbonate on your pot to globs. Then, you dump it on a cookie sheet (which is not easy, it’s like hard mashed potatoes, you can’t just pour that shit like milk and mine looks very lumpy) and either stick it in the oven on low heat or sit it somewhere to cool for days. Since I live with non-pagans who would probably not be happy (or at least give me the super WTF face and wonder why I’m using the baking ingredients) with my experiments in holy crumblies, I popped that sucker in the oven. On medium heat, though I’ll be honest that was an accident. It’s now in my room, hiding under my table that serves as a shrine and rents book space on the shelf it has.

But yeah, natron 😀 I need to find a suitable container for it lol

The other thing I did today, was clean house, energetically. I’m kinda proud of myself, combined a couple ideas given to me by the kindly people at The Cauldron and Kemetic Interfaith Network, and went about it. Did pretty well I think. I certainly feel better, though my blood loss is causing me discomfort. If that weren’t there I’d probably feel pretty good. Alas, can’t always have cake and eat it too (coincidentally there is cake in the house and I ate some XD). At least it wasn’t a lie lol What I did, was I made some mint tea, though I didn’t add any sugar or anything, put some sea salt in it, asked Anpu to bless it, “charged” it with focused intent and put it in a spray bottle. Then I asked Anpu for help clearing the house’s energy and placating the family ghosts so that they’d understand that I’m not trying to diss them or anything and that I’m not doing anything harmful to my soul’s health. And to help them move on if they want and need to. Then I lit His candle from my altar and walked around the house spraying the rooms, windows and doors all throughout the house while praying. “May Anpu’s love protect this house and keep malevolence out.” I even did the skylight in the bathroom. Then I vacuumed the entire house and mopped the bathroom floor lol I think I didn’t do too shabby :3

There was other stuff I wanted to talk about, but I can’t remember, and as such, I’m off to lay down because I have a headache. Have a great day people!


One thought on “Minty Fresh

  1. One thing to keep an eye on if you’re leaving natron out is that it will attract humidity and re-liquify itself if there’s enough moisture in the air. The chemical term for that is deliquesce. That’s why I put mine in canning jars once I had it dried out.

    When I put my first batch out, it re-liquified itself overnight.

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