It Just Can’t Be Easy Can It?

So, today I decided I’d pull out my tarot cards. I haven’t bothered them in ages, and I was feeling better than my post from a couple of days ago. See here for details. Anyway, I take the cards out, bring them downstairs, only to notice that one of the cards is severely stained.

This is the most damaged card…

I start separating to see how many other cards have been damaged, only to find that they’re stuck together. Three stuck together, two stuck together, four stuck together. In total, fourteen cards were stuck together. The one above is my Seven of Pentacles. The second most damaged card is Four of Swords. which was completely stuck. It was like they were one card. The others were only stuck at a corner, maybe two, though one set was stuck at three. But, they were severely damaged when pulled apart.

Here’s the Four of Swords. I had to pen the title at the bottom because I could barely read the original text

To say I’m upset is an understatement. I have no idea what happened to them. I bought a box for their safekeeping and that box seems to have turned on me, because that purple stain on the first card is from said box’s lining. These are the beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot deck and I’m very upset they’ve been damaged, especially because I have no money to replace them. It sucks. As an added bonus they cards ended up warped, though that’s been mostly remedied by a solid book and change jar. I just don’t understand why Tarot cards seem to hate me. I did a spread with them, despite their state, a spread I read about in this blog article to try and figure out what the Deck Spirit is like and what it’s good and not good at.

I know these aren’t great pictures, but the cards are a tad on the large side. The vertical column of three is supposed to be the Deck Spirit’s personality, while the center card is what the deck is good at and the end card is what it’s bad at. The two extra cards making a second row are clarification cards for the center “What I’m good at” card. I’ll tell you what each card is.

At the very top in the personality column is the Nine of Wands. The card under it is the Ten of Cups, followed by the Two of Pentacles. This suggestions a bit of a jovial spirit, one who is vigilant and flexible.

The center card which says what the deck is good at is the Two of Swords. Completely baffled here as the booklet says this card represents a stalemate, an impasse, and a denial of truth. I’m not sure what this means. Perhaps it’s good for conflicts? Or perhaps a conflict somewhere in me or the house (and its spirits) or the Deck Spirit(s) blocks its power? I have no idea.

The card which says what the deck isn’t good at is the Three of Wands. Now, the booklet’s description of this card reads as follows: “Explore, seek out the uncharted, expand your horizons. Take a long view of situations, and express leadership.” I really don’t know what this says about what the deck is bad at. Perhaps it’s not good for seeing the future?

Now, the clarification cards I pulled for the Two of Swords are the Knight of Pentacles and the Four of Cups. Once again, the booklet descriptions are not exactly the most enlightening in this context. The Knight is described as a conqueror. He knows exactly what he’s after and where it is and once he gets there he uses all the power at his disposal to take it. The Four speaks of introspection and being too deeply absorbed in oneself, so much so that everything else fades.

I can’t decide if this is a direct dig at me by the cards or what. I’m totally thrown and clueless here.

As an upside though, I was able to get some quiet time to sit with Sekhmet and the Jackals in shrine today. I have a reed diffuser that I haven’t used yet, it’s patchouli and jasmine, so I put a couple drops of the oil on Their candles and prayed for a bit and offered Them water. I don’t know what else to do really, because I’m not allowed to bring food upstairs and I don’t need ants. I’m also not much for “formal” ritual, in other words all the actions and such. I might start swiping some liturgy from Eternal Egypt or something. I’m still road blocked on writing poetry for the Jackals and Sekhmet. If anyone has any thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns on either this or the cards, I’d be more than happy to hear them!


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