I have Strange Dreams

Welcome to another of my dream posts! I only have one today, though I’ll admit it seems to have shown up in TB head too. So, my Nephew and Sister are here still, which is fine, just means toys are everywhere despite his being unable to crawl lol They both featured in my dream, Nephew was really the most prominent one. What happened in this dream was, it was actually set in a realistic version of my grandmother’s house, where I live. Usually my brain twists my dream locations to ridiculousness. They usually bear only a passing resemblance or key points of the reality they’re based on, and combining features of real locations is common. This time though, it was basically close to reality, about 95% I’d say. I couldn’t point out specific differences because it doesn’t matter that much lol

Anyway, this dream. I was playing games while listening to music on my Kindle Fire, nothing unusual, that’s a frequent activity for me, that and reading, writing, and crocheting. Sister asked me to take Nephew upstairs for a bath, or that’s what I’m assuming, I just know I took him upstairs for bathing. I took my Kindle with me for music purposes, and we sat on the edge of the tub waiting for the water to fill up. Now, we have a baby tub for him because he’s only five months old, or we just bathe him in the sink (which is getting hard because the sink is shallow and he’s 95th percentile for his age and length) so this straight tub thing was weird. I had the niggle in my logic board that this dream wasn’t right, but the dream kept going, as it often does. I noticed recently that more of my dreams nowadays are lucid in the sense that I’m aware I’m dreaming or that what’s happening is not based in reality, but I rarely interfere with the path of the dream because I’m curious where it’s going or don’t care or know I’ll wake up.

Regardless, I let the tub fill up. For some reason, I wasn’t holding Nephew, but he wasn’t in the water yet, I’m not sure where he was, he was in existence limbo while I chose a different song on my Kindle. I can’t remember what it was, but I’m aware that it was most likely an Evanescence song because that’s the music I listen to the most often, along with Flyleaf and Linkin Park. I actually go to sleep to those groups, but I’m not sure if my music was still playing during this dream. The playlist is only a few hours long and most of my vivid dreams are near the end of the night, long after the music has stopped. Either way, it was a song I listen to very often and was one of my favorites. My spirit guide Xintao is nearby, I feel like he’s telling me it’s Taking Over Me or Give Unto Me. Perhaps Breathe No More, which are three of my favorites. It wasn’t super loud and neither is he, so I’m not sure, I feel it’s important though.

I know there was something funky going on with what I was doing on my kindle. Something about surfing the web and games, but mainly surfing the web. It was a research site of some sort, but I can’t recall the image clear enough in my brain to make out what it was about. Perhaps computers or something, or my recent game binge. Either way, now Nephew is in the tub. I turn to look at the water, it’s nearly completely filled the tub, close to overflowing. Nephew hasn’t been in the water for more than a second or two, but he’s in there. The problem is I couldn’t turn the water off. It wasn’t overflowing, but at first I couldn’t get it off. And he’s covered in water over his head.

Then of course the mad rush to save Nephew from drowning. He was upset and sitting up at first, but at the first failed grab for him he fell backwards and tried not to cry. I tried picking him up again, somehow both freaked out and thoroughly calm. I knew I should be freaked out, in the sense that it was like two separate me in the same space, the same body. I dream most often in third person, with short fluctuations to first person, so it creates an interesting dynamic between my dream self and whatever part of my spirit is observing, in the sense that I feel both the observer and the feelings of my dream self, while simultaneously NOT feeling my dream self’s feelings. It’s hard to describe. It took several tries to pull him from the water and he was unharmed, just very upset and thoroughly wet. He cried of course, coughing a bit, but he hadn’t breathed in any water, much to my relief. I dropped my Kindle in the water, and trying to retrieve it (it’s 200$ and was important) I dropped my phone (not so important and already beat up). I recall the image of water behind the screen and trying to shake it out in frustration. There was just something very important about saving that damn Kindle.

I wrapped Nephew up, and my dream scene-skipped to me bring him downstairs dry and diapered. I delivered him to Sister and sat down to try to rescue my Kindle. I know that turning things off is important for rescuing them from drowning, but turning it off was completely failing. I mean no matter how much I pressed the power button it wouldn’t turn off. Instead, it kept opening web pages, and they seemed random, but they were colored. Red page, blue page, red page again. I have no idea what was on them, they had something to do with computers and communication and hacking, but I couldn’t see the specific words. I just know that it too, was important. I woke up soon after, I only have tiny useless snippets of the last segment of the dream. I eventually got the Kindle turned off and Nephew was fine.


Now, two nights ago, two days after my dream my boyfriend had an eerily similar dream. He dreamt of visiting me here at my grandmother’s and my sister asking him to give Nephew a bath. Normally, I would help him, or he would ask for help because he isn’t used to babies like Sister and I are. (We’re the oldest of eight, the youngest of whom is four years old, and have experience babysitting across age groups, he has experience with babysitting his cousin and he was too young to be left alone with her when she was an infant.) Nonetheless, he took Nephew upstairs for a bath. Apparently, very similar events happened in TB’s dream. He filled the tub, put Nephew in it, and Nephew fell over and TB couldn’t get him out. Nephew was making an angry-upset face that creeped TB out, it was extremely far from reality the type of expression Nephew was making. When Boyfriend finally got the baby out, he was coughing and crying and still making the creepy angry face before bringing him downstairs. Boyfriend forgot to tell me the rest, I had to get off the phone before he could finish.

Gotta wonder what this is all about ya know?


2 thoughts on “I have Strange Dreams

    • Both of us have safely and successfully bathed your son in the sink and the tub >.> I’m not a moron, don’t be a jackass. I would never put him in danger.

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