Trouble, Trouble, Boil and Bubble

This last few weeks have been ones of ups and downs. Arguments abounded, hurt feelings blew in, and I’m about to stop talking to another friend. You see, me and TB had a plethora of arguments, really rough ones. We’re fine now, don’t worry. One of my best friends and I got into a nasty argument last week though. She’s having a super ultra mega rushed wedding, even though she’s still forging her way through school and supposedly has a lot going on that no one knows about. We were arguing because she was being completely unreliable in getting me the information I needed to be her bridesmaid. I gave her an ultimatum because of it. I wasn’t (and still aren’t) the only person missing key information about this wedding or what her supposed difficult circumstances are. She wants people to have sympathy for troubles they aren’t aware of. That was her defense for why I shouldn’t be giving ultimatums and should be patient and considerate. Of course, the wedding is like the first week of July and she first asked me to be a bridesmaid in May, but I still didn’t have the dress information and had to find out the exact date of the ceremony from another person. It’s nearly impossible to contact her, so although I probably could’ve said it better, I think I was justified in giving her an ultimatum over something she’s rushing anyway and is supposed to be organizing. Either way, she “kicked me out” of the wedding party because she was offended that I wouldn’t be considerate of circumstances she didn’t mention, and only exactly as vaguely as it sounds, until I had said I was angry for her lack of reliability. Quite frankly it’s suspicious that she doesn’t mention these vague problems with no explanation until someone gets angry that she rushes them but then disappears without divulging necessary information. So yeah, she isn’t talking to me, and is still mad, and I likely won’t go to her ceremony. My plan is to make her a gift and have someone else deliver it.

On to the second thing, today I got into an argument with a friend of seventeen years. I’m five months from 21, so that’s even more important to me. Basically, I started out teasing him about his lack of grammar and spelling on facebook (though to be honest it was very hard to read, he really butchered English in the initial message and subsequent responses). But he started on about how I was bein hype and all this talk was pointless and didn’t have anything to do with anything. I gave a thoughtful and logic-based response for why he should care about grammar and spelling. He responded by mocking me and name-calling. I stayed calm and respectful, going into more detail about what I meant, as well as refuting his unnecessary accusations which weren’t even relevant or were blatantly twisting my words out of context or straight up sticking new ones in my mouth. Either way it didn’t end well and my feelings are extremely hurt.

This is more a rant post, about a week and a half in the making. I’ll get back with a useful post later or tomorrow (or Monday).



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