Reconciling and More Strange Dreams

So, I apologized to Anpu the other day. Why? Well if you saw my crazed post maybe a week ago if I’m remembering correctly, you’ll remember that I blew up at Them and yelled angrily at Them. I’m aiming to apologize to Wepwawet and Sekhmet individually. I think I’ll focus on working with them individually and making a relationship one on one before worshiping them all together. I felt like Anpu wanted first dibs on the personal attention, like we mutually agreed we got off to the wrong start and should start over.

The thing is, I’ve had these disturbing sex dreams. Like the last dream I had, there was a part I purposely left out because it was an awkward part about sex that was extremely unusual and somewhat disturbing and involved TB. I had another dream today that was very disturbing and unfortunately not the first time I’ve had it. I have a twin sister, and that’s all I’ll say about it, read between the lines. The thing is I don’t know what they’re supposed to mean or why I’m having them. It’s not pleasant to wake up after them and have no idea why they’re there or what to do about it.

Like for real, is a deity trying to get my attention? Or defer it? I’m not sure at all, and it’s not really helping my mental state, especially since the subject is not even close to being easy to talk about. It’s not like I’m dreaming about flying brick whales or rabbits stealing spaghetti. It’s not like it’s snakes or rollercoasters or at the very least something easy like my best friend. Sex dreams about your best friend you talk to about sex anyway is pretty easy, even if it’s kooky or eyebrow raising. At least for me. Ultra creepy dreams about my twin sister? Not so much. I still haven’t even told TB about the dream from my last post. It’s totally off the wall and definitely not something that can be found in a dream dictionary. I feel like it means something, but what? I need someone who isn’t involved in my life to ask about this more privately.

Maybe the gods will make the meaning more obvious on Their own or through someone else.


2 thoughts on “Reconciling and More Strange Dreams

  1. Sometimes sex dreams are about sex, but sometimes they’re about other things which are very personal or intimate and sex might be the strongest analogue the mind has to use to express what it wants to express IME.

    Perhaps a twin is not a twin even if you have one. I mean that there is something that differentiates twins and it might be in those character traits where some clues can be found. Possibly character traits of the actual twin but possibly character traits you either do or do not have or do or do not want to have. Either way, the twin makes a personal and intimate setting even more personal and intimate but different.

    Perhaps that is some message. Sex is the strongest analogue perhaps, but it is not perfect and thus the twin is needed to differentiate from actual sex.

    Is there something that you feel deeply personal about and has high energy potential but that is taking you to new grounds for which you do not feel prepared or comfortable to enter? Maybe a subtle change of perception about something that once considered fully is actually quite significant. Like when you meet a person you like, but then see that person do something you are very uncomfortable with if you really think about it. Like littering. It’s small but it may indicate something quite significantly disturbing about a person that you had not fully realized about them before. And addressing it for sure would be unpleasant.

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