So, this time I have a dream post for you. This is one of my more crazy dreams. It involves: weird college, vampires, vacuuming vampire ashes, spaghetti, rollercoasters, choking, extremely strange activities of a sexual nature, a rabbit who may or may not be bugs bunny (but most likely isn’t), and barbecue, also, sleeping baby. Obviously I’ll leave out the sex part of the dream, because I doubt my boyfriend (TB) would be pleased with that since he hasn’t heard the craziness yet.

My dreams often center around school or such a building, or public transportation or the house. I spend/spent a LOT of time in these places and as a result the twisted dream versions are often my initial setting in a dream. I remember this college because of its glass elevator and foyer that was more like a hotel or mall’s, carpeted hallways and my room, an empty room of sorts, perhaps a lounge, several lounge areas, many of them with plants. I remember the campus was quite similar to a cross between my first college and TB college and is tree heavy and very spacious and uncrowded. I remember a couple snippets of conversation that had me traveling through these places, something about classes and vampires and dangerous things and being available. Most of the people in this part of the dream I didn’t recognize.

I went to my room and hung out with a friend, probably BGF, he often features in these wild and crazy dreams. I think he sees the weirdness at night and wants to be part of it, just like in the daytime when we’re awake lol He and I have very interesting conversations in wakefulness, it stands to reason he invades my dreams for fun XD though I have to wonder how many of his dreams I’ve invaded lol

Anyway, there was something going on, I can’t remember, but we ended up running across campus and into the building with the lounge area I remember clearest. It was a tile floor place with brick walls and decorations full of plants. We stood by the window talking  about dangerous creatures invading the campus, including vampires. I can’t remember if there was a scene skip or whether there was an actual transition to the hotel-like building where we ran into vampires. There were several of them and only a few of us (I believe most were my friends) and we were fighting them. BGF and I found the strongest two and held them off until morning. It was a battle, but it wasn’t particularly epic, there was a lot of running and talking on both sides. They almost got us at the end, but then the sun came up. Oh they were angry, one crumbled pretty quickly, the other tried to escape and bite a mother and son in the next room to save himself, but I stopped him beforehand. He said something unimportant in an attempt to be angry and spiteful before crumbling into dust from the sun.

Some children were brought in by whoever else was with us and we talked about how best to protect them and get rid of the rest of the vampires. I then grabbed a vacuum and cleaned the vampire ashes from the carpets. There was a scene in the kitchen with a cook and spaghetti, but it’s barely anything important.

After this was a scene skip to an amusement park, where TB and I, my mother, sister (and the nephew of course), and BGF were all there. I’m not a rollercoaster person, but TB and BGF are, but this was Six Flags in Jersey and I have gone on two rollercoasters there. They are small and contain no loops or flips lol Though they somehow managed to get me on a bigger one with a loop, my sleeping brain didn’t dwell on that for very long or I’d have woken up. The adrenaline and force from rollercoasters are extremely unpleasant for me (asthmatic introvert=no likey g forces and adrenaline rush). I recognized the second and third coasters we rode as the ones I’ve ridden IRL. I wasn’t completely terrified on those IRL or in my dream. It was weird because of the way the second one was setup, it’s an indoor coaster and the line/boarding area is very narrow, but in my dream it was spacious and somewhat crowded with a bathroom. TB and I got on the coaster once, then got back in line while waiting for my family and BGF to come around. It flicked to a couple of scenes of the ride on the roller coaster while we were talking and I was describing why I wasn’t fond of coasters and how scary my first time riding one, especially since it dropped almost at the start. The flickering scenes corresponded to my words as well as the initial emotions I felt at the half-memories.

We were talking while waiting, about roller coasters and going back on this one, about something else important that I can’t remember,  and about dinner or lunch and spending time together. He started eating some butterscotch candies (those are currently in my offering bowl) and started to choke. I pat him on his back, and quite frankly was about to perform the Heimlich, but he ran off to the bathroom. I nearly followed him when BGF and family came in, asking where he was. TB came back, perfectly fine, and we left. I remember going to some strange room that was rather private, with a comfy bed-couch-thing in it with TB. We were talking some more about living together and such and sex. Blah blah blah, this part of the dream is none of your business.

Super skip to a large kitchen, like a cafeteria almost, with anthropomorphic rabbits. One was, for some reason, being ignored and ostracized. Even the cafeteria staff were ignoring him and refusing to serve him food (spaghetti again). He managed to get food by stealing it straight from the kitchen, but everyone got angry. He defended himself, angry at everyone for their treatment and demanding respect. He ended up having to run with his food from a tomato sauce food fight. He was still brooding over the meal when the scene changed again to me sleeping on the couch next to my nephew before I woke up.


3 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. I am Annie over from TC!

    This one cracked me up a bit. I think it was the casual vampire hunting and then the rabbits that kicked the chuckling in.

    I will give it a go, but I may be so far off that a new bulb could be necessary in this noggin.

    The vampire fighters! Seems like you handled that well with your friend. Perhaps you’ve managed to dodge some needy peeps with the help of prioritizing conversation that can come from discussing things with friends. I don’t know how many things I’ve been able to let go after a good talk with a bud. And while that’s not as Buffy, it is an accomplishment that can be very significant.

    Roller coasters remind me of romance and emotion. That you cannot get the pleasure factor form them in real life doesn’t lessen what they can represent. Ups and downs out of your control but controlled none the less. Perhaps things are leveling out in some areas or maybe they have become easier for you to handle these days.

    I find it amusing that in dreams the gods will not have their offerings taken. Hey, he didn’t get hurt. It kind of makes me think that your personal spiritual life is just that, personal and perhaps parts of it are not for him to consume. And that’s cool. I mean everybody has to have some inner sanctum of sorts. Seems given the outcome, he’s the kind of dude who’d be cool with that too.

    And the rabbits. Oh man. After I stopped chuckling and rooting for the little thief rabbit, I remembered about their breeding. It might not be the best timing for that little left out rabbit, but he might make himself known and grown anyway. In light of that, I suggest birth control as something to think about.

    This was a fun read! Thanks for linking to it. Like I said, I may be miles off but I do enjoy trying. It’s a fairly safe way to get out my puzzle yen.

    • lol, glad you liked it! I have off the wall dreams like this quite often. If I put my gemstones under my pillow they’re even crazier, though they make more sense and are more coherent XD I like the vampire interpretation, since I did have a very relieving talk with my best friend last week, or something along those timelines. I don’t know about the roller coasters; IRL I’ve disliked them since I was a little kid and quite frankly my life has always been up and down, and that includes my own brain. Lately I’ve been having some issues with that particular thing, abnormal mood swings and such. The candy part is very interesting and I can see that as being the point. I haven’t tried to get my boyfriend to join me in anything dealing with my practice, he’s not sure where he’s going or wants to go spiritually and I don’t want to force him, so I guess it’s Them saying keep that up. As a matter of fact, in light of the conversation I had the day after this dream it makes more sense for that to be it. And yeah, he’s fine with it, he just asks for there to be no strange creepy chanting while dancing around a candle pentagram in the dark XD he’s in belief system limbo right now, but he’s trying very hard to understand mine for the purpose of respectful interaction. As for the bunnies, we’ll be engaging in carefulness since my cycle seems to have been thrown off either by the super moon earlier in the month or what may have been an early miscarriage. Either way all the dates are thrown off. Who knows what the rabbit really meant though lol thanks for reading, and for the follow!

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