The Edge

Have you ever teetered on the edge?

Like a kid on a swing, deciding when to jump?

It’s that anticipation, that anxiety, that drives you craziest

as you wait for them to jump, or to keep swinging.

Imagine how they feel, on the edge of their seat

flying through the air, seeing their goal

or succumbing to fear.

Imagine the rush

the exhilaration

when they finally jump.

For just a moment, a fleeting second

for the fastest and slowest moment in time

you’re flying high, aiming low

ready to crash on the ground below.

And oh the landing!

It might hurt, you could get scraped

aim for the grass not the grate!

That beating drum in your ears

as your heart blazes in your chest

that shivering rush in your arms

your legs like marmalade,

that’s the edge of the world right there

the edge of sanity, waiting to be leapt.

Tempting to jump from it isn’t it?

You wonder what lies beyond,

whether it’s safe

whether it’s fun

will that rush be wonderful?

The real question though,

can you ever climb back?

That swing of the mind

it’s so hard to understand

so hard to ride

so hard to leave

but there it is, swinging away

higher and higher

until you fly away.

Will you ride the sky to the stars?

Or is the ground your fate?

And who’s to say which is better

for aren’t they both so far away?

And there you are,

still on the edge



ready or not to jump


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