Kids and Reptiles

Today was a nice day; it was Science Day at the kindergarten I work at. Basically, teachers brought in their unconventional pets and made mini lessons about that. Snakes, frogs, tadpoles and baby chickens, ladybugs and a lizard. The tiny ones were as well-behaved as you could expect five and six years olds to be with awesome reptiles, baby chickens, bugs and amphibians in the rooms, not to mention having to line up and roam the halls with the other kids to get to said rooms.

Tomorrow is field day, which will be a unique experience I think. It seems like a competition day and the two children I’m responsible for as their PCA (personal care assistant) will likely give me a run for my money. It’s not they’re badly behaved, by no means, one is always well-behaved and the other has trouble focusing, which is why he may misbehave, but the always well-behaved one has a health problem and as far as the other one, well,  focusing issues tend to make rules a moot point lol Then again I think anyone who has ever dealt with young kids knows that rules are oft-repeated for a number of them anyway.

I’m really hoping the weather stays nice so the kids can have field day. It had to be postponed last week for the threat of inclement weather (which never showed anyway) and it would be nice for them to basically have a nice long play day outside. They actually only get recess once a week (with gym on another day), then again to be fair they’re only in school for three hours XD

Speaking of little kids, my sister and nephew went home yesterday. Our puppy Shadow was looking for them all night, I felt bad for him and quite frankly I think he’s still looking. He always loves everyone, but he really enjoys when Nephew is over and tries to help take care of him. It’s really sweet, but we always have to fuss at Shadow because usually he’s just in the way or trying to lick Nephew’s face, which isn’t exactly ok for a three-month old.

It’s interesting to think about my nephew growing up, and eventually being a mother myself. I’m patient and rushing at the same time of the prospect. I really do love children, it’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. Well, I’m sure the gods will make sure I’m ready (or as ready as anyone can be lol) before I have kiddies of my own.


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